Thirunallar Sani Peyarchi

Thirunallar Sani Peyarchi 2017 Date and Timings

Date: 19 Dec 2017

Darshan waiting Time: 2 hours -3 hours.

Abhishekam on the Sani Peyarchi Day: Rs.300 for one person.

Sahasranamarchana on the Sani Peyarchi Day: Rs.200 for one person.

Festival will be celebrated on 19th Dec at 10:01 am

Abhishekam will be performed for the Sani Bhagawan with Milk, Curd, Oil, Rosewater, Tender Coconut water, Fruit Juice etc.

At 5:00 am, priests will be chanting Devaram Isai. The devotees are allowed to have Darshan of Sani Bhagawan with his Vahanam Cow.

The devotees used to take bath in Nala theertham (temple tank) before entering the shrine.

The crowd will be high on this special day. The long waiting queue to enter the shrine. Thousands of devotees participate in the Holy pooja. Abhishekam and Archana performed for the whole day. It is advised to wear black clothes during the Pooja. This Pooja is performed for the group of devotees.

Thirunallar Sani Peyarchi Pooja Benefits

  1. Performing Pooja on this Special day will reduce the malefic effects of Sani Graha.
  2. Will be relieved from illness
  3. Will be relieved from financial loss
  4. Will be blessed with good career and studies.
  5. Will be blessed with mental peace.

Reference Link: Temple History 


  1. Is morning darshan more auspicious on Shani Amavasya or evening darshan?