Thirumanancheri Temple

Thirumanancheri Temple History, Timings and Pooja details. Sri Kalyana Sundareswarar Temple.

Thirumanancheri Temple History

Goddess Parvati once expressed her interest in getting married in the Earth. While playing dice, they both had an argument which led Goddess Parvati to descend to the Earth and took the form of a cow and stayed at Komal. Knowing this Lord Vishnu, took the form a cowherd for his sister. From the holy fire of Rishi Bharata Muni, Parvati relieved from the curse at ‘Thiruvaaduthurai’and assumed her original form in ‘Kuthaalam’. Siva married Parvati at Thirumanancheri. Lord Siva is called by Sonavaararivaar to retain his promise to the Goddess.

Later Siva explained the reason behind Parvati’s stay in the Earth. Parvati took the bath in the river Cauvery and started living at Sage Bharata Muni Ashram as his daughter. Bharata Muni approached Siva to marry Parvati and his wish is granted.

This temple was built by the Queen Sembiyanmadevi from Chola Dynasty. Devotees can offers prayers anytime as  ‘Raghu Kalam’, Emagandam, Ashtami and Navami thithi is not applicable at this temple.

Thirumanancheri Temple Pooja for Marriage delay problem

Required pooja materials

Garlands – 2, Coconut – 2, Turmeric, Kumkum, Camphor, Ghee, Sandal Powder, Betel leaf, Betel Nut, Lemon and Bananas.

Thirumanancheri Temple Malai Pooja procedure (Kalyanam)

  • On entering the temple, please offer Pranam towards the Kodi Maram and then for Sri Selva Ganapathy.
  • Lit 5 Ghee deepam at Ghee Deepa mantap and sit for a while at Marriage Prarthana Mantap.
  • Temple priest will be collecting all Pooja Samagri from you.
  • Offer prayers for Sri Kalyana Sundareswar and Goddess.
  • At the end of the Pooja, you will be offered with Prasadam.
  • Please have the lemon juice which the priest offered to you.
  • Take a head bath after reaching home and drink lemon juice without adding sugar (or) salt.
  • Safeguard the garland in the Pooja room which you got it from the priest.
  • Post marriage, please visit this temple with your spouse and offer the garland to the temple.

Thirumanancheri Temple Timings

  • Morning Hours: 6:30 am to 1:30 pm
  • Evening Hours: 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Astottaram and Sahasra Namarchana will be performed daily from 6:30 am – 8:30 pm

Thirumanancheri Temple Special Poojas

  1. Devotees used to offer milk payasam to Mangala Raghu for Putra Bhagyam on every No moon day (i.e Amavasya )
  2. Thiru Kalyanam will be performed during Chithirai.
  3. Special Abhishekam will be performed on every 1st day of the Tamil month and during Pradosham timings.
  4. Special Abhishekam along with Umamaheswara Homam will be performed for Kalyana Sundara on Sankatahara Chaturthi and Poosa Nakshatra days.

How to reach Thirumanancheri Temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Tiruchirapalli which is 113 km away.

By Train

  1. Kumbakonam is well connected with all parts of Tamil Nadu. Temple is 29 km away from Railway station.

By Bus

  1. From Chennai and Pondicherry, Bus goes via Cuddalore –> Chidambaram -> Mayiladuthurai –> Kuttalam -> Thirumanancheri.
  2. Direct Buses to Thirumanancheri are available from Kuttalam and Mayiladuthurai.
  3. Mini Buses are available from Kuttalam to Thirumanancheri.

Thirumanancheri Temple Gallery


  1. I want to reform Pooja for my daughter’s marriage on 13 _04_2017.i am at Salem how to come and guide me for the Pooja

  2. Kindly guide me for the Pooja tomorrow on13-4-2017

  3. Sir on which dates the annual temple festival during Apr-May of this temple this year, is going to be conducted. Will the Kalyana Parihara Puja will also be conducted during the festival days as usual.

  4. Venkatakrishnaiah.N

    I want to perform pooja for parihara of kalyana delay problem of my son.
    Whether Pooja will be done on SUNDAY & at what time.
    Kindly inform me.

  5. I want to perform puja at kalyana sundareswera temple for marriage if any particular day is there for performing this puja or we can do this puja for all days please clarify and please send puja process

  6. i m from uttar pradesh
    i want to perform puja for delay marraige of my daughter .plz how can i reach there

    • Dear madam,
      you can perform kujadosha parigaram puja. you can reach kumbkonam.
      Thank you

    • My daughter wants marriage what we do how to reach temple

      • Dear sir,
        Devotee can perform Thirumanancheri Temple Pooja for Marriage delaying you can reach temple by road way.

        thank you..

  7. We r planing to come on Sunday 18/6/2107…. At what time is the Pooja available. … Since we r coming from Coimbatore .. need to return back on the same day …. So plS inform

  8. Divvala Mahalakshmi

    We want to come from Andhra pradesh. At what time shall we be therte to perform puja for the dalay of marriage. on which days it is preferable, please inform.

    • Dear sir,
      Thirumanancheri Temple Pooja for Marriage delaying problem
      Required pooja materials
      Garlands – 2 , Coconut – 2, Turmeric, Kumkum, Camphor, Ghee, Sandal Powder, Betel leaf, Betel Nut, Lemon and Bananas.
      Pooja procedure::
      On entering temple, please offer Pranam towards the Kodi maram and then for Sri Selva Ganapathy.
      Lit 5 Ghee deepam at Ghee deepa mantap and sit for a while at Marriage Prarthana Mantap.
      Temple priest will be collecting all Pooja Samagri from you.
      Offer prayers for Sri Kalyana Sundareswar and Goddess.
      At the end of the Pooja, you will be offered with Prasadam.
      Please have the lemon juice which priest offered to you.
      Take head bath after reaching home and drink lemon juice without adding sugar (or) salt.
      Safe guard the garland in the Pooja room which you got it from the priest.
      Post marriage, please visit this temple with your spouse and offer the garland to the temple.

      thank you..

  9. Hi this is Vinod. I want to do the pooja for getting delay in my marriage. We are planning to come by 17th June’17. Kindly let me know what is the process of Pooja? and do we need to book the tickets for the same or how it will be?

    Thank you:)


  11. dear sir iam rathnakarrao from warangal,telangana i want perform puja at kalyana sundareswera temple at thirumnacheri is there any dress code is there for performing this puja and is it any rule is there not visit other temples after performing puja here

    • Hi Sir,
      any traditional dress code should be preferred and no issues you can visit other temples after pooja.

      Thank You.

  12. Sir,
    Is there any facility for bath?

  13. Dear Sir,

    I want to perform pooja for my sisters marriage delay. We are planning to come on 30th June. At wt time we r suppose to come. Kindly guide us.


  14. Krishna Murthy Reddy T

    Hi sir tomorrow I want to perform marriage delay Pooja at what time Can i reach the temple to do Pooja

    • Hi Sir,
      you can reach the temple at Morining Hours: 6:30 am – 1:30 pm or at the Evening Hours: 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

      Thank You.

  15. Sir,
    My spouse went to this temple before marriage and after marriage we went to abroad. Also the garland is lost.
    What is the alternative for garland which we suppose to return. Please advice.







  17. Hi sir,
    I finished my pooja in kalyana sundareswara temple at thirumanacheri.but I my missed the there is any parikaram for missing the prasatham.

  18. Please can you tell us whether we have lodging facility near temple, we are coming from Bangalore by bus.

    • Hi Sir,
      there are temple accommodations available but there is no advance booking so you can try on your arrival.

      Thank You.

  19. Hi Kishore Sir,

    My self harsha, i belongs to to hyderabad which is the nearest station to the temple , i have to come from hyderabad may i know the distance from station to temple

    • Hi Sir,

      Kuttalam is the nearest railway station you can get the frequent buses to reach Thirumanancheri.


  20. For ladies any dress code can u Tel me detailed?

  21. I am coming to tirumanamcheri temple to do pooja on 13/08/2017.I am coming from Gujarat. Is there any facility to book pooja tickets by online.
    Temple office phone numbers

    • HI SIr,

      There is no online bookings for thimanancheri so on arrival you can get the tickets.


      • Hi mr.Kishore,we are from Bangalore.please tell which is the good hotel near Thirumanancheri to stay during night so that we can perform Pooja in the morning.

  22. Marriage pooja conduct all days? (Like aastami & navami )and also say pooja timing. Please

    • HI Sir,

      Yes you can perform in all days and timings are 6:30 am to 1:30pm and 3:30 Pm to 8:30pm.


  23. We are planning to come to this Temple during 1st Oct, Shall I perform Pooja for my brother who is about to marry. Please tell the procedure …

    • HI Madam,

      Yes pooja available, on arrival you can get the pooja ticket and ingrdients on arrival at temple


  24. What abt on Sunday’s thirumana poojai timings?

  25. Please tell us whether we can do the pooja relating to the marriage during the morning hours of the temple as we had book the return tickets in the evening time.


    • HI Sir,

      Your son needs to perform the pooja to get the good results if not possible then parents can perform.


  27. Hi Sir,
    For Marriage delaying Pooja you people conduct every day or any specific day.Please confirm and provide Pooja’s timings.


  28. HI sir can we visit temple for education purpose

  29. pooja timings
    for marriage delay

  30. Hi sir, can marriage pooja be done on 29/9/17 friday… we are planning to do it at 10.30.. at wat time should we come

  31. We are planning to bring our daughter to the temple. Do we have to make an appt? Can we buy all the pooja things in the temple? or any contact person for assistance!Please advise we are coning from Malaysia. Thank you……… Raman

  32. Can v go for weekends to perform pooja

  33. Plz tell the timings for kalyana sundareswaruni kalyanam

  34. How log poja time take sir

  35. If we reach in the evening can we do Pooja in the evening we are coming after marriage

  36. Our daughter is in abroad.Can only father visit the temple and offer Pooja on her behalf? Or is it a must Thor both parents to visit? Pl respond. Thank you

    • HI SIr,

      To get the good results the person should be there if not available parents can perform the pooja( father or mother).


  37. My sister want to get married , shall she can do the pooja in the evening and me her sister accompanying her can i single (as my husband not coming with me)do the pooja with her please suggest

  38. Hi sir 21st of october because of deepavali regular pooja will be there

  39. Namaskaram sir,
    For Santhanam bhayam what pooja should be performed and what is the procedure for that

  40. Hai sir, for my brother marriage want to do the marriage pooja. If the pooja can do in Saturday evening.

  41. Our daughters and son in laws are in abroad .parents can do post marriage procedure.


  42. my sister having ragu – ketu dhosam…she want to do pooja for marriage…in which day is best day to do this pooja and astrologer suggested us to show her jathagam to the prohithar and tell them to do the kallasarppadhosa pooja.her rasi is virgo and star is utthiram 3-m please guide me what we need to do…
    Thank you Sir/Madam

    • HI Madam,

      For marriage purpose she can perform the prarthana at thirumanancheri and for sarpa dosha she can perform the rahu kethu pooja at kalahasthi on sunday during rahu kalam


  43. Hi sir my brother having marriage problem so we want to do that Pooja but he was in foreign and our parents also not here, so can I make that pooja

    • HI Madam,

      better concern person to perform or else parents can do the pooja on behalf of there children


  44. After doing pooja within how many months our wish will fulfill?

  45. Hi,
    I am planning to visit to offer marriage prarthana on 9/nov/2017(thursday). Can I come around 10am for the temple.
    Please confirm.


  46. Does this pooja really work? Coz my best friend wants to do this for her marriage.

  47. Hi, we wish to do the pooja…we are not from tamil nadu.
    Please let us know whether there is any temple accommodation available,booking procedure and its tarrif.

  48. Thank You for quick reply Tejas ji…also please let us know can we get the accommodation for 2 days.

  49. Helo sir, Saturday morninng I am coming to visit dis temple any accommodation here

  50. Dear sir…we want to know about marriage delaying pooja timing details….

    • HI Sir,

      You can perform this pooja since morning to evening on arrival you can get the ticket along with the pooja ingredients


  51. I am moving from Mumbai on 30.11.17 & reach at Temple on tell me procedure to conduct pooja for marriage good wife & good marriage it neccessory to come direct at our home after conducting this marriage pooha.because I want to stay in Chennai for 1 best / shubh tithis / days & timing for pooha

    • HI Sir,

      You can get the tickets at temple and you should carry the pooja ingredients from temple premises


  52. I am Dharmenddra from mumbai Pl. suggest me as we have to on 02.12.17 for marraige pooja Is it available pooja for me on Saturday 02.12.17. pl. suggest me on 09223298900
    I want make train reservation now.

  53. what time one needs to reach temple for performing marriage delay puja on 2nd dec 17

  54. Sunday pooja available ?

  55. I have done the pooja and got married and have visited the temple again with my husband. I would like to know whether I can light ellu lamp for saneeswaran on Saturdays.
    Thank you.

  56. Hi sir,

    8 years before I go to Thirumananjeri and attend marriage pooja. Now we resend the maalai. Coming Sunday shall we attend the marriage pooja?

    • HI Sir,

      yes you can attend and resend the mala sir


      • Sir,

        nama akka maiage ge huduga kadeyavaru bandu nodi yogidare amele beda namage ista illa nodida mele namage arogya chanageila anta yeltidare but huduga matra ista padtaidane , dayavitu namage sahaya madi , maduve agotara anakula madi nanu nimage chiraruni agirutene.

        navu tumba devarugalanu bedikondideve . koneya diku neve.

  57. Dear sir iam Rathnakarrao from telangana last june 2017 i had perform puja at kalyana sundareswara temple thiruvancheri but I have no positive results yet at the time of puja priest given one gurland to me and safely placed garland in my puja room my question is how long that garland(mala) placed at my puja room if I am not get positive results ,can I perform puja once again in kalyana sundareswera swamy temple

    • HI Sir,

      Actually you have to keep that garland untill you get married , when did you performed the pooja?


  58. Hi sir,
    I want to attend the marriage Pooja on coming Sunday. At what time marriage Pooja will be conducting on Sunday.

  59. My marriage get delayed so I have to come there for pooja. Is there any particular time or days for that pooja or to come anytime

  60. Hello Tejas,

    Can I come alone and perform pooja. How much time it would take, asking to plan my travel as my home is around 400 km to tirumanam Cheri. Please reply.

  61. Marriage Pooja is performed daily? If so at what time?
    Do we have any particular date for marriage pooja?

  62. We live in Bangalore I want to come and pray for my sons wedding what are the timings for the Pooja is there any particular time or con we come in any time during the temple hours please let me no

  63. Hi i will be reaching thirumanancheri by tomorrow. Can i book anyone for making early marriage pooja.. Any contact person number available

  64. Hi sir, we are planning to come to kalyanasubdareshwara temple
    TIRUMANJERRI for marriage Pooja is der a particular day for Pooja?
    Since v are planning to come from Bangalore pls let us know in prior..

  65. Sir,Shall I perform marriage pooja on behalf of my brother

  66. Dear sir I am meerra I performed the Pooja in last December 2016 at kalayanasundareswara temple but i have no positive result can i perform pooja once again in kalayana sundareswara temple.

  67. Sir, we are in Chennai. my family 4 members will decide one Marriage Pooja to my daughter’s on 17/12/2017. How to contact temple authorities, any advance booking, and separate Iyer for the same Pooja.K.Raju

  68. Hi Sir, my marriage has been delayed due to many issues and one of it is because of dosha. Is it possible if I can come to the temple with my partner to perform pooja, and what pooja should I perform to remove the obstacles n remove the dosha.please advice

  69. Can I and my come there and perform pooja for my daughters?
    They are unable to come.

  70. Hi sir, there is issues in my daughter marriage, we heard about the malai Pooja please let us know on this about Pooja procedures, and we are coming Bangalore you hav any direct buses and pls advise when the malai Pooja can be me done

  71. i want know pooja details with price , we are planing to visit before that i want know all details.

    • HI Madam,

      On arrival you can purchase the tickets and pooja things at near temple and you can perform the pooja madam


  72. sunday timings of pooja

  73. Hello need to come tomorrow to perform nakshatra puja for pooram nakshatra for Mangala Raghu. How much does the Pooja cost ? I plan to be there around 11 am. Also kalaakand do I get there or should I bring ?

    • HI Sir,

      kalakand is not available at the temple,please bring the item on your own and for further details about pooja you can contact at 8500898000


  74. Hello, today I am going to thirumanancheri to return garland after my marriage, what is the procedure to be followed on temple to return garland and what is the temple timings on Sunday

  75. H, I have visited the temple and do pooja for getting married (alone).
    Now im married and wants to come and do pooja with my wife. I just need to bring my garland that priest gave me that time right?

  76. i missed the garland when i shift the house, how?

  77. For our daughter marriage can parents perform the pooja without her?

  78. My husband made puja to God before our marriage . Now the Garland was Missed. What can we do sir

  79. As parent’s could we come over to the temple and pray for my son’s marriage without him coming personally.

  80. Namaskar madam.

    Our both families acceptd our marriage but it getting we both need to perform pooja or should we do it individually.?


  81. I don’t want to take divorce with my there any special pooja to resolve my problem?

  82. We do not have kids after twenty for years of marriage, so we had discussed with an astrologer for the same. He told us to go thirumanum cherry temple and do remarriage and pray for get kid. So that we would like to come soon.we would like know the details for the same. We are residing at kerala. At ernakulam.

  83. Want to do abhishek am and homam …Whom to contact for the arrangements and date to fix

  84. Want to stay at thirumanancheri one night with family, Could you share any contact number please.

  85. Hi Sir,

    Can the person who is unmarried can they visit the temple without their parents and Perform the Pooja.

    Also is there a local astrologer whom we can consult in Thirumanacheri Temple.

    • HI Sir,

      yes you can perform sir and for further details you can contact at 9393939510


    • Hi Kalai,
      Did you visit the temple? Can you tell me how was the experience there? Because I also wanted to do go alone and perform the pooja for getting marriage.

      Thanks in Advance

  86. Sir,
    Can we pray and do that parigaram in evng timing at the temple

  87. I m in Chennai. I want ptrathana for my daughter marriage.can I conduct pooja at her Jennma nakshatra day or any other days.pls guide me

  88. I went to Thirumanacheri on 16 march 2018. as soon as we landed there outside people started selling garlands for 100 rupees and when we approach pooja ticket counter, temple authorities itself giving garland and necessary items for pooja amount.




    becareful with your hard earned money. Have a happy marriage post this powerful temple visit. I went along with my wife adn child to return my old garland that i got before marriage.


  89. Can my wife and I do the Pooja for my daughter as she is out of country?

  90. Hi,
    May I know during pradhosha day also marriage delay pooja will be done ? And pls let me know what are all the days pooja will be do and any exceptional days are there ? Thank you.

  91. வணக்கம்,

    My brother marriage delay regarding.
    We plan to come


  92. Can I do Pooja on behalf. My son

  93. Hi Sir,
    As we want to come from Mysore to perform pooja for my son’s delayed marriage, one day is sufficient or we have to stay there and what are all the things we have to bring from here. Pl. inform & also contact No. for further contact.

  94. will it be crowded? what are the entry fee available ? plz do suggest

  95. Shall I perform the marriage pooja by evening around 4 ? And also i m coming alone for pooja without parents. Is there no issue right?

  96. Sir, We r searching groom for my brother till now we can’t find a good partner for him….when we want to come for pariharam.Any particular day and time for pariharam for early marriage …

    • HI Madam,

      plan to perform the pooja at temple before marriage to get the good groom, any day you can plan no issues.


  97. How to reach from Hyderabad, PL advise.

  98. I have. Visited Tirumanancheri temple mostly in the morning and have seen the married couple presenting the old garland. My question is whether the okay is also organised after 4 pm in the evening also

  99. Sir i am in karur district how to reach thirimanancheri?

  100. What is the cost of pooja

    • HI Sir,

      You need to purchase the pooja things and you can purchase the tickets at counter


  101. I wish perform Poona for 5 fridays; I am in chennai; is there is any arrangements for it? E seva is there?

  102. Hi,

    I need to know, there is buses for thirumanancheri from mayiladuthurai bus stop? and from Thirumanancheri to tirupampuram any straight buses are there?

    Thank you

  103. does mala seva can be done on saturady or sunday ? please let me know the procedure ,price and if need to book in advnace

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes it can be done in all days for further details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  104. Hi,am from Anantapur and my first marriage is broken.Am I eligible to offer Pooja st this temple.if so what Pooja shall I perform to get married to a good husband..

  105. Is swayamvara Parvathy Homam necessary to get married,if so how to book for this Pooja?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can book online, its advised to perform pooja for better results in delay of marriage. please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

    • What is the time required for vivah dosha pooja. How much is the fees

      • Dear Sir/Madam,
        It cost you Rs 10000 for the marriage pooja, pooja will be performed from Monday to Thursday
        Thank you.

  106. Sir we are on the way too temple can we make a online booking for pooja now..

  107. Sir i want to know about the vivah dhosha (two marriege dhosha ) pooja.. Which day the pooja apear and how is the cost of that pooja

  108. Can brother or father can perform Pooja for a girl?

  109. Can you pls mail the online booking site

  110. Pl inform if the parents of the girl visit the temple and perform pooja on behalf of the girl will be oK

  111. Timings of marriage pooja, is this pooja is going daily…

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes pooja will be happening from Monday to Thursday and it cost you around 10000.
      Thank you.

  112. can we visit this temple on sunday?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes you cam visit from 6.30 am to 8.30 pm and from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm break .
      Thank you.

  113. Thirumanancheri Temple Pooja for Marriage delaying problem-will this pooja happen on Sunday’s? If so what are pooja timings?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform the pooja and it cost you around 12000 for more details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  114. Is there any cost scheduled for pooja for the late marriage.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform pooja it cost you Rs 8000 for more details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  115. post marage how to hand over the malas in the temple.what is the procedure.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to check with the temple counter , for more details please contact 9393939150 .
      Thank you.

  116. Sir,

    We are from Karnataka and wish to perform pooja for my sister as her marriage is getting delayed. May i have the details and we want to come between March 13 – March 15th. Pls reply. the cost also

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform swayam varam parvathi homam which will be costing you Rs 8000 .
      Thank you.

  117. Sir actually for pooja there is only150 ticket n special pooja 450 rs ticket these two poojas r performed in that temple
    Then for which pooja 12000 n 8000

  118. I need to return the garland with my spouse. Please advice the when it can be done? Anytime? What should i bring along together with the garland?

  119. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Is there any special homam to me made for getting married, as marriage is getting delayed. If yes, how much is the cost? Any particular day to visit for Pooja and for Homam? Please suggest.

    Thank You!

  120. Hello sir, I want to return garland today is available there

  121. Is pre booking compulsory? If yes how many days advance booking?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      There is no pre booking you need to get the tickets directly on arrival .
      Thank you.

  122. Is the marriage pooja is done in the evenings after 3.30

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes sir it will be performed in the eve as well only from Monday to Thursday and it cost you around Rs 10000.
      Thank you.

  123. Any nearest places to take bath or rooms to stay

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book accommodation for booking that please call at 8500 898 000.
      Thank you.

  124. What is the dress code for men n women visiting this temple

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      There is no particular dress code for men and women at tirumancheri temple .
      Thank you.

  125. Sir today what time marriage pooja is available