Things to do in Tirupati Tirumala

Things to do in Tirupati Tirumala

1) Tirumala is not a picnic post, it is a highly sacred pilgrim centre.

2) It is the duty of every devotee to protect the greenery and sanctity of Tirupati

3) Devotees should wear traditional clothes while entering in the Temple.

4) Deposit your offerings only in the SriVari Hundi

5) Do not waste water and electricity.

6) Respect women and Elderly people.

7) Do not approach Dalalis (brokers) for Darshan and accommodation, they will deceive you.

8) Divya Darshan Tokens should be worn by token holders only, Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged.

9) Consumption of Liquor, Non-Veg food, Ghutka and smoking is strictly prohibited.

10) Defecation, Urination, Spitting in the open areas are subjected to Fine.

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  1. Shall we carry small stove to prepare food for baby

  2. Shall we take small gas stove to prepare food for 10months baby

  3. Hi,

    Can foreigners are allowed to visit Tirumala. They are our friends and are keen to visit with us.

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hi Sir,

      They can allow into the temple after submitting the acceptance letter at Supatham entrance.


  4. Is Aadhar card must for all devotees of same family to visit tirumala temple. Iam coming with my parents who are aged 62+ we have got darshan time on this Sunday 30 at 2pm. Where we need to stand.

    • Hi Sir,
      any ID proof is mandatory and you have to report at supadam gate in tirumala an hour before the time on the dharshan tickets.
      Thank You.