Talupulamma Lova Accommodation

Talupulamma Lova Accommodation Charges and Booking process

Cottages are located at 5 Km from Temple as Temple close by 6:00 pm itself.

Talupulamma Lova Accommodation Charges

Cottage Name Room Type No.of Rooms Cost
Annapurna Cottage Ac Luxury 4 Rs.1500
Non-Ac 18 Rs.250
Bhavani cottage Non-Ac 20 Rs.400
Gayatri Cottage Non-Ac 12 Rs.400
Gowri Cottage Non-Ac 20 Rs.250
Lovathalli Cottage Non-Ac 20 Rs.250
MBS Ac Cottage Ac Luxury 2 Rs.2500
MahaLakshmi Cottage Ac Luxury 8 Rs.1500
Mounika Cottage Ac Luxury 2 Rs.2500
Padmavathi Cottage Non-Ac 22 Rs.400
Rajeswari Cottage Non-Ac 17 Rs.200
RRS Cottage Ac Luxury 1 Rs.2500
Satyadeva Cottages Ac Luxury 2 Rs.1500
TTH Cottages Ac Luxury 2 Rs.2500
VLC Cottages Ac Luxury 1 Rs.2500
Vaishnavi Cottage Non-Ac 12 Rs.200

The above-mentioned charges can be revised without prior intimation

Talupulamma Lova Accommodation Booking

  • Online Booking is not available for these cottage rooms booking
  • It is on arrival room booking at the counter
  • One day Refundable Caution deposit to be paid at the time of check-in
  • Photo ID proof mandatory for room allotment
  • Room not allotted for unmarried or unrelated couples.
  • The crowd will be high during Apr, May, Nov, Dec, Sat, Sun and Holidays.
  • Please note that the Talupulamma Lova Temple will be closed after 6:00 pm.
  • Cottages are located at 5 to 8 Km from the temple.