Talakadu Temple

Talakadu Temple to be the scene of a constant battle for supremacy between Nature represented by Soil, and Man symbolised his creations, the temples.

Talakadu Temple Legends

As per the Legends, Alamelamma wife of Tirumalaraya of the Vijayanagara dynasty, fled to Malingi on the opposite bank of the river Cauvery from Talakad, after the defeat of the Vijayanagara by the first Wodeyar king at Srirangapatnam. As a religious woman, she used to send jewels to the Temples at Talakad frequently, to decorate the idols of goddesses. Knowing this, Raja Wodeyar tried to arrogate these jewels which she was carrying with her, she cursed him saying “Talakadu Marulagi” which means ‘Let Talakadu be covered by soil’. She then drowned herself in the river.

There is another interesting story, from which the Panchalinga festival originates, which is mentioned in the Puranas. The name Talakadu is said to be derived from two brothers Tala and Kada, who were hunters. While on their way to the jungle, they saw a strange thing. Some elephants were worshipping at a tree near the river, offering lotuses. Curious, they struck the base of the tree with an axe to find the blood flowing. It is believed that the Lingam found here was formed when the Lord Siva himself had visited the place.

The hunters were shocked till a divine voice told them to bind the ‘wound’ caused by the axe with juice from the fruit and leaves of the tree. When hunters did that, the blood turned into milk. The voice then told them to drink the milk. They did so and went to heaven. So did the wild elephants, who were none other than the Sage Somadatta of Kasi and his followers. They were killed by wild elephants in the Vindhya mountains while on their way to Talakad (Called Siddharanya Kshetra in those days) at the instance of Lord Siva to gain liberation. In their last mortal breath in their previous birth, they had thought of wild elephants and so, it is believed, were born as elephants.

The five PanchaLingam shrines are called Vaidyeswara, Arkeswara, Vasukiswara, Saikateswara and Mallikarjuna.

Talakadu Temple History

This temple dates back to Chola times. The structures resemble Hoysala and Vijayanagara styles of architecture too. The western Ganga rulers (350 A.D – 1050 AD) were in power at Talakad for nearly 500 years. It came into hands of Chola Kings. During the final years of the 10th Century and was with them till 1116 A.D, when the Hoysalas captured the region. In the mid-14th Century A.D, the Vijayanagara kings took the control, after whom it came into Wodeyars ruling.

Talakadu Temple Timings

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

How to reach Talakadu Temple?

By Air

  1. Nearest Airport is at Bengaluru International Airport which is 133 km away.

By Road

  1. Temple is 45 km from Mysore.
  2. Temple is 133 km from Bengaluru. Bengaluru is well connected with all parts of the country.
  3. From Bengaluru to Talakadu it is 3 hours drive. From Kanakapura Road or Old Mysore Road  -> Maddur -> Mallavalli -> Kollegal. About 4-5 km there are signboards available for Sivasamudram and Talakad. From this place, Talakad is 22 km away.

By Train

  1. The nearest Railway station is at Mysore which is 45 km away. Mysore station is well connected with major parts of India.

Talakadu Temple Gallery

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Talakadu Temple

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