Srirangapatna Pitru Dosha Puja

Srirangapatna Pitru Dosha Puja Procedure, Cost and Benefits

Pitru Dosha will impact for the next three generations. This Dosha can be identified from the birth chart (Kundali).

How Pitru Dosha will be identified from the Chart?

This Dosha can be identified from the 2, 5, 9 and 12th houses. 9th house in the chart defines Punya acquired from the past life, parents and Grandparents. If Guru and Budha, Guru and Sukra, Guru and Rahu, Guru and Shani reside in the same house then it is Pitru Dosha. If Budha and Sukra reside in the 9th or 12t house then it will be severe. If Shani and Surya appear in the 5th house then it will be severed.

Pitru Dosha Effects

  • No good relationship between father and Son
  • Frequent disputes between father and Son
  • Delay in the marriage
  • Delay in the pregnancy
  • No peace of mind
  • Loss in Business
  • Will cause debts
  • Problem with in-laws family
  • Problem with career
  • No good relationship between business partners
  • Long Sickness
  • Pain in Teeth, Nose, Thumb
  • Differences between husband and wife

Srirangapatna Pitru Dosha Puja

This Pooja will be performed for 2 to 3 hours. The devotee required to carry two sets of new clothes. Pooja to be performed in Dhoti and upper cloth. After Pooja, the devotee has to take a head bath.

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Best days for Pitru Dosha Pooja

  • Pitru Paksha 15 days
  • Mahalaya Amavasya most auspicious
  • Solar Eclipse day
  • Amavasya
  • Sunday Amavasya
  • Krishna Paksha