Srirangapatna Temple

Srirangapatna Temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Ranganatha Swamy located in Mysore. Lord Sri Ranganatha is in the reclining posture on a seven hooded Adi Sesha.

Srirangapatna Temple Legends

As per the legends, Sri Ranganatha Swamy granted River Cauvery wishes here. First in the list was, that she should be equal in praise to the river Ganga, second that the place should become a holy shrine, and third is that devotees should be granted with their wish.

It is mentioned in the Puranas that the Ganga mixes with Cauvery once in a year to reacquire her purity.

As per the legends, sage Gautama, who was living on the banks of the river Godavari with his disciples, when some sages from a drought-stricken area hatched a plot against him to drive him away. Using their powers they created a cow. Disciples of the sage Gautama drove away from the cow from the paddy fields, it fell at the sage’s feet and died. Immediately the sages who are waiting for this moment raised a hue and cry that Gautam Rishi had killed the cow. Gautama using divine powers came to know what had happened, cursed the sages who are trying to play their tricks and embarked on a Theerthayatra. After visiting several places, he came to worship at Srirangam.

The Lord appeared before him and bade him pray at Adhi Ranga, where Vibhishana had worshipped. After a long travel, Sage Gautama arrived at Srirangapatnam and performed a Yajna there. Lord Vishnu appeared before him and revealed his whereabouts.

As directed, Sages reached the anthill in the Tulasi garden. It was so huge and they were not able to recover the idol, they all requested Kamadhenu to clear the anthill. Kamadhenu dissolved the anthill with its milk. In the month of Chitrai ( 15 Apr – 15 May), Sukla Paksham, Sapthami Thithi the Idol was recovered from the anthill, and this day is marked and celebrated as Sriranga Jayanthi.

Srirangapatna Temple History

This temple was built in the 9th Century AD by Ganga chieftain Tirumalaraya. The huge temple tower was built in 849 AD. Even Pandya kings contributed towards the temple construction. This temple received huge patronage from Hoysala and Vijayanagara kings, Mysore Wodeyars, Hyder Ali. Temple was enlarged in 1454 A.D by Thimmana who was the viceroy in the Vijayanagara dynasty. Hoysala King Vishnu Vardhan invited Sri Ramanujacharya to stay at Srirangapatnam. Sri Ramanujam stayed here at Thondanur which is 20 km from Srirangapatnam.

Srirangapatna Temple Timings

Morning Hours: 6:00 am – 1:00 pm

Evening Hours: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Srirangapatna Temple Address

Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, Sri Rangapatna – 571 438, Mandya District, Karnataka.

For more details, Please Call @ +91 93 93 93 9150.

How to reach Srirangapatna Temple?

By Air

  1. Nearest Airport is at Bengaluru which is 168 km away

By Train

  1. Srirangapatnam is 20 km from Mysore. Mysore is well connected with southern parts of India

By Road

  1. Direct bus to Mysore is available from All major cities in the South.

Srirangapatna Temple Gallery

Reference Link:  Temple History


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    K V P Rao, Banglore

    • Hi sir,

      Yes temple rooms are available but on arrival you can get the rooms there is no advance bookings.


  2. we want sriranganadha swamy temple darsan tickets at 6 pm on 15 -9-2017 what is the procedure