Kumbh Vivah Procedure, Benefits, Cost, and Booking

Kumbh Vivah Procedure, Benefits, Cost, and Booking Details for a Devotee.
The term “Kumbh Vivah” combines the Sanskrit terms “Mud Pot” and “Wedding.” During the matchmaking process, the “Manglik dosha” plays a villainous role. In addition to having a solid match from every angle, a single error can lead to a match being dismissed. Mangal dosha doesn’t need to be the sole cause of the couple’s divorce. Occasionally, awful combinations of widowhood and widowerhood can occur in the corresponding boy and girl horoscopes, which can have adverse effects.

It is believed that a Manglik bride will cause her spouse to pass away too soon. To avoid this tragedy, the bride is wed to an animal, a dead object, or a banana that resembles a peepal. Depending on the “groom” participating in the ceremony, this marriage custom goes by several names.

When someone has a manglik or double manglik dosh in their horoscope, it is known as kumbh vivah. Mangalik dosh shows itself after marriage.

Anshik Manglik

This kind of dosh fades when the person who holds it reaches the age of eighteen. People like to perform Kumbha Vivah Puja to address this. Shanti puja offers hope for improvement because this dosha has no influence.
Nonetheless, a few issues connected to Anshik Manglik dosh are

  • serious health difficulties, such as infertility, miscarriage, sex problems, etc.
  • Insufficient communication with a spouse
  • stresses preserving relationships inside the family.

Maha Manglik Dosh

Maha Dosh is next in line and is recognized to have a very negative impact on married life. It may also have deadly outcomes. The life of the spouse of anyone who marries someone with Manglik dosh would be affected. And Kumbh Vivah is the only way to get rid of this dosha. Even if only one of the couples possesses the Manglik dosha in Kundali, both the bride and the groom can still benefit from the kumbh vivah.
When someone has Maha dosha, a lot of things can go wrong, including

  • severe issues in a marriage
  • The partner’s death*
  • serious accident
  • severe ailments

Kumbh Vivah Procedure

Manglik Dosha / Kuja Dosha is caused by the planetary position of Mangal Graha in your birth chart’s First, Second, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth, and Twelfth Houses of Lagna Kundli. Manglik Dosha results from the positioning of Kuja Graha in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelve houses of Chandra and Shukra, which must be counted.

Kumbh Vivah Benefits

  • One can change their life and gain numerous benefits by carrying out the Kumbh Vivah Puja.
  • The dosha will be nullified in the birth chart, which is among the first advantages that become evident following the puja.
  • It is possible to resolve every issue that arises in a married relationship and to have a secure and happy relationship with your spouse.
  • One can expect to avoid getting married twice as a result of this pooja.
  • It is possible to remove dosha for a woman who might be experiencing issues connected to childbirth, such as trouble conceiving, miscarriages, and other issues. You might have a prosperous married life by performing this puja.

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to make the puja arrangements. This shanti puja will be performed near Srirangapatna temple, Ujjain Mangalnath temple, Rameswaram, and Trimbakeshwar temple.