Sri Parasurameswara Swamy Gudimallam

Sri Parasurameswara Swamy Gudimallam

Sri Parasurameswara Swamy Gudimallam Temple is a 2600 year old world renowned ancient temple located on the banks of River Swarnamukhi. The temple ornate the elegance in single-stone (Eka-Sila) statue which portrays “Thri-murthies” –  ‘Lord Brahma’ in Yaksha Roopam, “Lord Vishnu” in Parasurama Avataram and “Lord Shiva” in Purusha Linga akaaram.

The magnificence of the temple lies in the structure of sanctum sanctorum and the Gopuram, built in the shapes of “Shiva Lingam” and “Gaja Pushti” respectively.

The main deity of the temple is located 6.0″ below the ground level, as such the village is termed as “Gudipallam” and later on, by passage of time, it became “Gudimallam”.

It is believed that once in 60-years the waters of River Swarnamukhi touches the main deity. Innumerable pilgrims witnessed the happening, in the recent past on 4th December, 2005.

The most incredible occurrence in the temple is that the sun takes the blessings of the main deity by focusing his rays on Lord’s feet during the transition from Northernly-Path (Utharayanam) to Southernly-path (Dakshinayanam).

The premise of the Temple is fortified with Sri Anandavalli (Parvathi Matha), Sri Valli Devasena Subramanya Swamy, Lord Surya Bhagawan Temples.

As the temple is believed famous of fulfilling the healthful wishes of the disciplines, innumerable devotees visiting the temple and privileged with the blessings of the Lord, Parasurameswara Swamy.


Gudimallam Temple is 20 Km away from Tirupati

Sri Parasurameswara Swamy Gudimallam Gallery


Sri ParasuRameswara Swamy Gudimallam Temple Video


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