Sri Padmavathi Guesthouse Tirumala

Sri Padmavathi Guesthouse Tirumala, Room Type and Cost

Room Allotment Counter Timings: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Daily.

Photo ID proof mandatory for room allotment.

Sri Padmavathi Guesthouse Tirumala

Cottage NameNo.Of Rooms
AMPRO Guesthouse Big Suites2
AMPRO Guesthouse Small Suites1
Balaji Kuteeram Suites6
Gayathri Sadna Non-Ac Suite1
Gayathri Sadan Master Suites2
Gayathri Sadan Ac Suites3
Godavari Sadan Ac Suites3
Gumble Guesthouse Ac4
Gokulam Guesthouse Ac Suites4
Hari Sadan Guesthouse Ac Suites7
Hill View Deluxe Cottages8
Indira Guesthouse Ac Suites4
Jagannadha Bhavan Suites4
Krishna Sadan 5
Karma Nivas Non-Ac Suites2
Karma Nivas Ac Suites3
Modi Bhavan Suites8
Rajya Lakshmi Non-Ac Suites3
Rajya Lakshmi Ac Guesthouse Suites4
Rajya Lakshmi Master Suite1
S.P. Guesthouse Main Master Suites2
S.P.Guesthouse Other Suites7
Sri Lakshmi Nilayam Ac Suites3
Sriniketan Ac Suites3
Srinivasa Nilayam Ac Suites4
Srinivasa Nilayam Cellar Suite1
Santi Sadan Suites7
Snehalatha Sadan Non-Ac Master Suites1
Senhalatha Sadan Ac Suites9
Snehalatha Sadan Ac Master Suite1
Vishnu Nilayam Suites5
Vishnu Nilayam Master Suite1
Vidya Sadan Master Suite1
Vidya Sadan Suites4
Venkata Vijayam Guesthouse Ac Suites6
Venkata Vijayam Guesthouse Ac Master Suites3

Tirumala Sri Padmavathi Guesthouse Room Booking

  • These rooms are allotted to Donors, VVIPs and Recommendation letter bookings.
  • Usual waiting time for Recommendation letter Room allotment is 3 to 6 hours.
  • One day Room Rent + One-day Full rent to be paid as the Refundable caution deposit.
  • Room Capacity: 6 to 15 members, which depends on the room type.
  • Advance booking is not available for these rooms as it is on arrival allotment at the counter.

Room allotment Instructions

  • Room is not allotted for Single occupancy
  • Room is not allotted to Unmarried or unrelated couples.