Sri Moolasthana Yellamma Temple Chandragiri

Sri Moolasthana Yellamma Temple Chandragiri History

Sri Moolasthana Yellamma temple is located in Chandragiri, Chittoor district. She is adored for granting the desires of devotees who offer sincere prayers to her. As per legend, Daksha Prajapathi conducted a yagna and did not invite his son-in-law Siva to it. Goddess Parvathi wanted to attend this yagnam. She sought Siva’s permission, but he advised her not to attend because of the strained relationship between himself and Dakshaprajapathi. Nevertheless, he allowed her to go.

But Dakshaprajpathi abused his daughter and son-in-law. Parvathi who was offended by the scoldings of her father immolated herself in the fire of Yogagni generated by her. Angered by this, Lord Siva collected her body from the Yagnakundam.

Nine drops out of her body matter fell at different places when Siva was carrying her body. Powerful Sakthi deities originated at these nine places. One such drop fell at the neem tree in Chandragiri where Moolasthana Yellamma originated.

Once upon a time when there was no proper medical treatment near Chandragiri, villagers died of cholera in large number. People started praying to the local deities.

The villagers from 36 villages surrounding Chandragiri met the great sage Agastya Maharshi who was taking penance on the nearby hill. The villagers prayed to Agastya Muni to suggest ways for the cure of these diseases. Then Agastya found that 3326 ghosts were residing in that area, causing trouble to the people. Agastya identified the neem tree where Moolastana Yellamma originated and installed a statue of the deity.

Agastya Maharshi also created another statue of a deity and gave it to the villagers to install and offer prayers. The villagers found two idols of the deity and installed at the neem tree. The villagers offered prayers to the deity and were relieved of the diseases.

It is a profound belief of people here that the deity sanctions their diseases related to health problems, well being and business improvement and prosperity. People hail from surrounding states likes Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and neighbouring districts to offer their prayers to Goddess Yellamma.

The villagers celebrate festivals on every Friday form Ma to August by sacrificing animals and cooking Pongal to offer their prayers to the deity. Especially during Sankranti, there will be a variety of festivities and the deity will be decorated with flowers and carried on different on Vahanas.

Sri Moolasthana Yellamma Temple Timings

The festivities will be celebrated on a grand scale in a spectacular way. Every Friday, regular abhisheka pujas and Astalakhmi pujas are offered from 9:00 A.M To 10:30 A.M

How to reach Sri Moolasthana Yellamma temple Chandragiri from Tirupati?

1) Direct buses are available from Tirupati Central Bus station and Tirupati Railway Station to Chandragiri Bus station And from Chandragiri Bus station it is walkable, just 500 ft away.

Sri Moolasthana Yellamma temple Chandragiri

Sri Moolasthana Yellamma temple Chandragiri
Sri Moolasthana Yellamma temple Chandragiri
Sri Moolasthana Yellamma temple Chandragiri

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