Rameswaram Temple Timings

Rameswaram Temple Timings, Darshan, and Pooja details

According to a local myth, after defeating the demon Ravana, Shri Ram was assisted by his brothers Lakshman and Hanuman, together with his army of thousands of monkeys, in returning to Rameswaram and India. They contributed to the construction of a bridge across the “Sethu canal” and led to Lanka using sea and shore pebbles. There is a strong belief that bathing in the 22 “Theerthams,” or natural springs, is a step toward awakening because Lord Rama is also thought to have sacred this place by worshiping and praising Lord Shiva. Both Shaivites and Vaishnavites revere this because it represents the meeting point of Shaivism and Vaishnavism.

One of India’s twelve Jyotirlingas is the Ramanathaswamy temple. “The glowing sign of the almighty Shiva” is Jyotirlingam. It is thought that on the eve of the Arudra Nakshatra, Lord Shiva initially manifested himself as a Jyotirlinga. A person who has attained a greater degree of spiritual achievement is said to be able to perceive these Lingas as pillars of fire piercing through the earth, though there is nothing unique about their appearance to the ordinary sight.

Temple Opening Hours

  • Morning Hours: 5:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.
  • Evening Hours: 3:00 pm–9:00 pm

Legend has it that, while returning from Sri Lanka, Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva, the God of Gods, at the temple that carries the name Rameswaram.
The story goes that after killing Ravana, Lord Rama traveled back to India with his consort, Goddess Seetha, arriving at Rameswaram for the first time. To compensate for the “dosha” incurred by murdering a Brahmin, Lord Rama desired to worship Lord Shiva. Since the place had a shrine, Sri Hanuman was sent to Kailash with an idol of Lord Shiva.

Rameswaram Temple Timings

Pooja NamePooja Timings
Palliyarai Deeparathana5:00 am – 5:10 am
Spatikalinga Deeparathana5:10 am – 5:20 am
Thiruvananthal Deeparathana5:45 am – 5:55 am
Vila Pooja7:00 am – 7:30 am
Kalasanthi Pooja10:00 am – 10:30 am
Uchikala Pooja12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Sayaratcha Pooja6:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Arthajama Pooja8.30 pm – 9:00 pm
Palliyarai Pooja8:45 pm – 9:15 pm
temple daily schedule
  • Darshan is available until 8:00 p.m. only.
  • Special Darshan: Rs. 250
  • Swamy Sannathi: Rs. 10
  • Amman Temple: Rs. 5
  • Spatika Linga Darshan Ticket Cost: Rs. 50 per person
  • 22 Wells Theertha Snan Ticket Cost:Rs. 255 per person.

Rameswaram Temple Timings

  • The crowd will be high on festival days.
  • Darshan waiting time: 3 – 5 hours on peak season.
  • Temple remains open on all days.
  • Special Darshan Tickets are not available on Festival days.

How to reach Rameswaram Temple?

By Air

  1.  The nearest airport is at Madurai which is 175 km away.

By Train

  1. Direct train to Rameswaram is not available. A train runs from Pamban station at regular intervals.

By Road

  1. Rameswaram is easily reachable from Tirunelveli, Tuttukodi, Madurai station.

Reference Link: Temple History


  1. Anyone can attend these pooja which is above

  2. is shigra darshan is available in rameswaram

  3. what special poojas are available for a devotee at rameashwarm temple

  4. Is there any Pandit ji who can help in performing poojas in Rameshwaram

  5. What is rate of various puja archana

  6. Want to do rudraabhishek. How it will be done.plz tell me fee and time

    • HI Sir,

      On arrival you can get the tickets at temple counter and for more details you can contact at 9393939510


  7. Thanks for sharing open and closing timings with pooja details, timings and fees.

  8. Hi
    We want to perform naga pratishta.can I know the fee and time. Is there any option for booking online.

  9. planning to visit in lsst week of december. please let me know about the process of puja and what would be convenient timing 4 puja without or less rush

    • HI Sir,

      You can contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions they will guide you regarding this sir


  10. Hii
    this is Tushar Ghodke from Pune Maharashtra

    Please guide me that if I am reaching in Madurai at 8 am
    And I have train to Tirupati from Rameshwarm at 10 pm

    Will complete all darshan process within this hours…

  11. Hello
    I need guide to plan my rameshwaram pooja and navgraha temple tour.

  12. Is there advance room booking in karivena choultry , or Shankara yatri nivas of Shankaramut at Rameswaram please.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes advance booking is there, contact 9393939150 for accommodation in rameswaram.
      Thank you.

  13. Hi

    I wish to do pitru p ooja in the rameshwar temple.
    Do the priests in the temple do the p ooja.
    Can I arrange at the temple day before the p ooja. What would we need for the p ooja or does the temple provide

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      The pooja totally will be costing you Rs 3500,for pooja assistance and booking contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  14. Hi
    We would like to do any specific pooja for health.
    Could let us know the name and price.


    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you can perform rahukethu pooja and it cost you Rs 9000, 6 am to 9 am for it cost you 2 hours 45 mins for pooja.
      Thank you.

  15. Hi

    We are arrivinf in Rameshwaran on 16th November 2018 from Madurai by Road. We will like to have special Darshan on 16th November in the evening time and then perform Puja on 17th November as it happens to be our marriage anniversary. Please advise cost and timings for puja and Special Darshan.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      special darshan is available till 8 pm and it cost you Rs 50 and you can perform rahu kethu pooja from 6 am to 9 am and it cost you Rs 9000. pooja will be held for 2 hours 45 mins.
      Thank you.

  16. Dear Sir we family planning to visit remashwaram on 22nd October for doing some ritulas. But for rituals they asking Rs 20000. outside is it approved by temple authorities?

  17. Namaskar Sir.
    Sir I want to Darshan of swami rameswaram.
    What are the main darshanss in rameswaram those will have special importance for successful Yatra.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can have darshan from 5 am to 9 pm and you will be having a break from 1 pm to 3 pm.
      Thank you.

  18. We want to do pooja
    Like archana to lord Shiva
    On the names of our family
    Evening time is ok to visit temple

  19. Do we have to book tickets for Darshan before a day or any just we get the Darshan there

  20. July month Is best time to visit Swamy Rameswaram temple , how can I get accommodation near temple for 6 members

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can book rameswaram accommodation online, please call at 8500 898 000 for booking.
      Thank you.

  21. Sir I want to perform thela homam on Saturday. Any one can tell about temple phone number

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      Thila homam can be performed from 4 am to 4 pm, where the ticket price ranges from Rs 1008 to 36000.
      Thank you.