Poorabhishekam will be held on Friday’s and it is 52 Poorabhishekam’s in a year.

Ticket Cost: Rs. 1250

Number of people allowed per ticket: 1

Reporting Time: 3:30 am

Reporting place: VQC I

Devotees should assemble in front of the Parakamani, and the names of the seva kartas of Vastralankara Seva, Udayasthamana Seva, and Poorabhishekam were called out respectively in date wise priority.

Poorabhishekam ticket holders are allowed to sit from the  Bangaru Vakili to the Garudalwar Shrine in Thirumamani Mantapam. Ladies should sit on the left side of Lord and gents to the right.

While performing Abhishekam the lights in the Sayana Mantapam, Ramar Madai, Snapana Mantapam and Tirumamani Mantapam will be turned off so that the Abhishekam is visible to all the devotees near the Garuda Shrine.

Poorabhishekam Procedure

The Holy body of the Idol including the face, is smeared with civet-oil and then the Tiruman-Kappu, the vertical whilte Vaishnavait mark in two thick patches, is performed with a fine dust of refined camphor. together with an intermediate black one of musk. Further, in the present-day vocabulary of the temple, punugukapu includes not only the civet-oil and camphor but also musk and saffron, the former being used for putting on the middle mark Kasturi-Tilakam on the forehead, and the latter for making up the sandal paste besides being one of the articles of perfumery for the abhishekam.

It is therefore probable that the two terms pulugu-kappu and punugu-kapu are mere variants and that the former comprised of the same four articles as the latter now does, namely punugu (civet) , paccha karpuram (refined camphor), kasturi (musk) and kumkumapuvvu or Kesari (saffron).

How to booking Poorabhishekam Tickets?

1) Under Current booking, Poorabhishekam tickets will be issued. Tickets can be  availed using high recommendation letters

2) Submitting a recommendation letter at J.E.O Camp Office

3) If letter is approved, SMS will be delivered to the registered mobile number

4) After receiving SMS, you are good to collect tickets at MBC 34 by displaying message and ID proofs.

Poorabhishekam Gallery


  1. Abhishekam Seva for Friday moola tirumala