Padma Sarovar

Padma Sarovar, where Goddess Lakshmi emerged from Golden Lotus after twelve years of penance by Sri Maha Vishnu.

Who worship Goddess Lakshmi with unbroken Bilva leaves, those who eulogize Lakshmi with the Hymns, Shall become the receptacles of virtue, wealth, love and salvation.

The significance of Holy Dip

Who reach Padmasaras (Lotus Pond) and take their holy bath (herein) and eulogize Lakshmi, the beloved of Vishnu, Shall obtain prosperity, long life, learning, brilliant sons, and all worldly pleasures. After enjoying all the pleasures they shall attain salvation in the end.

Tiruchaoor Temple Pushkarini is located next to the Temple and right opposite to Sri Surya Narayana Swamy Temple.

The direct bus is available from Tirupati bus station to Tiruchanur. Padma Sarovar is located right next to the temple.

Sarovar remains closed for the entry. It opens for devotees during Brahmotsavam and special days.

Best Time to visit: Friday.

No entry fees

Padma Sarovar – Gallery

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