Pachmarhi Hills

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Pachmarhi Hills Tourist Spots

Best Time to Visit: Oct-Jun.

Apsara Vihar

Vintage point to see the valley and mountains.

Silver Falls or Rajat Prapat Waterfall

350 mt high waterfall. Usually, takes 2 days trekking to reach the bottom of these falls. As the water flow resemblers silver colour, it is called as Silver Falls as well.

Fairy Pool (Apsara Vihar Waterfall)

During the British Ruling, British women used to take bath here. Due to their colour complexion, locals used to called fairies. Hence the name Fairy Pool. It takes an hour jungle trek to reach Fairy Pool.

Bison Lodge Museum

Britishers used to stay here during their visit prior Independence.

Pandav Caves

It is believed that Pandavas stayed here for sometime after exile from the Kingdom. 5 Caves were named after Pandava brothers.


The highest point in Satpura Range. Sunrise and Sunsviewpointint. It is at an altitude of 4429 ft.

Bee fall

Best Time to Visit: Oct, Nov and Dec months. The flow will be high during this time. Dec and Jan months will be heavily crowded.

Handhi Kho

The natural hill rock formation which resembles Shape of a Bowl.


A natural rock formation. It is said that Giant Bear used to live here, hence the name.

Rajendra Giri

Sunset and Sunrise Viewpoints from the hilltop.

Gupt Mahadev Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. The entry is narrow.

Jata Shankar

As per the Legend, Lord Siva blessed Bhasmasura with a boon that he can turn anybody into ashes by placing the hand on their head. Bhasmasura thought of testing the wish on Lord Siva. Lord Siva passed thru this cave while escaping from the demon.


Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. The entry point is from the cave followed by 12 Km walk uphill to reach the temple.

Other Interesting places are Satdhara and Priyadarshini Point

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