Bee Fall Pachmarhi

Bee Fall Pachmarhi Timings, Entry fees, Route Info

Best Time to visit: Oct-Feb months. Flow minimal during Summer Season Mar-May month.

Open on all days for the tourists. This waterfalls from 150 ft (approx) height and creates a scenic view.

1 Km trek down to reach the fall. 250+ Steps climb down to reach the base. Not advisable for senior citizens and heart patients. 30+ steps to view the falls from the entry point. It takes 10 mins to climb down and 25 mins to climb up.

Tribals used to collect honey from the honeycombs near falls, hence the name Bee Falls.

Entry Pass: Have to purchase at Bison Lodge. Gypsy can be hired for the full day along with Guide.

Advisable to carry food items if planned to stay here for long hours. This place will be crowded during weekends and holidays.

How to reach Bee Fall Pachmarhi?

This fall is 10 Km from Bus station and can be reached by Gypsy. The road to falls is narrow. It takes 45 mins (approx) to reach the place. 100 m walk forest from the drop point to the falls entrance point. Falls is visible even from this place.

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