Moola Nakshatra Shanti Puja

Moola Nakshatra Shanti Puja Cost, Duration and Benefits

Life Threat for the baby’s father, if the baby born in Moola Nakshtra during night time and Dosha will be there for 8 years. Moola star will not show any impact on Mother-in-law and father-in-law if their Budha position is strong hold. Dosha Impact will be high if the Moola Nakshatra is on Sunday.

Moola Janma Nakshatra will be categorized into 15 parts with 1 hour 40 mins in each part. It is going to be 25 hours for calculation for Moola Janma Nakshatra. Balarishta Dosha will be there for 12 years.

Impact of Moola Nakshatra based on the Birth Time

Birth Time Birth Time Dosha will be
00:00 to 1:40 Father
1:40 to 3:20 Uncle (Father’s Brothers)
3:20 to 5:00 Sister’s Husband
5:00 to 6:40 Grand Father (Father to Father)
6:40 to 8:20 Mother
8:20 to 10:00 Aunty (Mother’s sister)
10:00 to 11:40 Maternal Uncle (Mother’s Brother)
11:40 to 13:20 Mother’s Sisters
13:20 to 15:00 For all
15:00 to 16:40 Cows/ Buffaloes and other Pets
16:40 to 18:20 Servants
18:20 to 20:00 For the Child itself
20:00 to 21:40 Baby’s brothers
21:40 to 23:20 Baby’s sister
23:20 to 25:00 Mother and Father

It is advisable to check with a known astrologer rather than finalizing things at your end. Moola Nakshatra Dosha can be rectified with Shanti Puja. Performing Shanti Puja might reduce the malefic effects of the Janma Nakshatra Dosha.

Moola Nakshatra Shanti Puja Procedure

Shanti Puja has to be performed before 27th day from other birth date. As 27th day going to be Moola Nakshatra again. Shanti Puja can be performed on 21st day

  1. Ganapathi Puja
  2. Punyavachanam
  3. Kalasa Parathishta
  4. Navagraha Pooja
  5. Devatha Avahanam
  6. Mrityunjaya Homam
  7. Abhishekam to Bhavani Shankar
  8. Nakshatra Japam
  9. Shanti Homam
  10. Purnahuthi
  11. Donation to the priests

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