Kanipakam Vrishaba Vahanam

Kanipakam Vrishaba Vahanam

Sri Varasiddi Kanipakam Vrishaba Vahanam

Sri Varasiddi Vinayaka went on Vrishaba Vahanam on the evening of 22nd Sep as part of annual brahmotsavam. Hundreds of devotees participated during the Vahana Seva.

Vrishaba means ‘Atibrihati reta iti’, i.e., roots out of the seed. Vrishaba Serves His master Siva and family day in and dayout, without demanding or seeking anything for himself. then this very attitude sheds the seed of vasanas and he will no more be born again.The Vrishaba attitude is the carrier of the most auspicious of all, the release from the bondage of life.


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