Kanipakam Maha Harathi

Kanipakam Maha Harathi (Kumba Harathi), Cost, Booking procedure

Maha Harathi or Kumba Harathi Timings: 6:20 pm to 6:30 pm

Ticket cost: Rs.100 per person

Dress Code: Men must remove Shirt and Vest during Maha Harathi. Women are allowed to wear Chudidhar Dupatta/ Saree

Kanipakam Maha Harathi

The devotees are allowed to sit inside the Sanctum of Sanctorum on either side of the entrance. Dress code is must before entering the temple. Maha Harathi will be performed right after Palabhishekam. Palabhishekam cost Rs.150 per person. During Palabhishekam, one can have Nijaroopa Darshan. After Abhishekam, the deity will be decorated will garlands and jewels. For Abhishekam Men must wear Dhoti and to remove Shirt and Vest before entering temple. The devotee have to carry Milk packets for the Abhishekam which is available next to ticket counter itself. 3 Milk packets cost Rs.90.

Devotees are allowed to enter temple by 6:15 pm. 5 different Harathi’s will be offered to the main deity. Kumba Harathi will be performed at the end. Maha Starts at 6:25 pm and ends by 6:30 pm. The devotees have to leave right after Maha Harathi as Normal and Sheegra Darshan starts after this Pooja.

It is advisable to participate in Palabishekam as one can have the Nijaroopa Darshan and it runs for 30 mins. Maha Harathi is the next option which runs for 5 mins only.

Palabhishekam timings: 5:40 pm to 6:10 pm.

Kumba Harathi: 6:20 pm to 6:30 pm.

During Palabhishekam and Maha Harathi, All other Darshans will be stopped.