Kadali Vivaha in srirangapatna: Cost, Timings, Benefits, and Procedure

Kadali Vivaha in srirangapatna, Pooja procedure, Cost and Online Booking

Pooja duration: 2 to 3 hours.

Location: Sangam near Srirangapatna Temple

How will Mangalya Dosha be identified?

From Lagna, Sapthama (7th house) defines whether the person has Kalthra Dosha or not. For example., Mesha Rasi/Lagna from their 7th house indicates Kalathra dosha place. From Mesha Lagna, 7th place is for Tula Rasi, and Surka is the head of Tula Rasi. If Sukra is in the 8th position and Surka stays in the house with Shani, Kuja, or Shani and Rahu, it will cause Bala Vaidavya.

Why did Kadali Vivaha Pooja perform?

  • Delay in the marriage
  • Dosha related to marriage
  • Rahu and Sukra Graha are in the same house in the birth chart
  • Rahu and Budha Graha in the same House
  • Shani, Sukra, and Rahu are in the same House
  • To remove dosh related to spouse Death or Divorce
  • Any dosha related to the second marriage
  • Removes Dosha related to Bala Vaidavya

Kadali Vivaha Procedure in Srirangapatna

This pooja will be performed for the girl who is having severe manglik dosha. Before the pooja, the girl has to take a head bath. Then the girl will get married to the Kadali tree, following all Hindu marriage rituals. Later, the tree will be cut and thrown into the running Cauvery River. After the pooja, the girl has to take a head bath, change her dress, and donate the thali to a Brahmin. This marks the end of Dosha related to a second marriage or spouse’s death. Kumbha Vivaha can also be performed in place of Kadali Vivaha for dosha removal.

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to make the puja arrangements.

best day for Kadali Vivaha

An astrologer can suggest the Pooja date; this Pooja doesn’t require a birth chart for the date calculation. It is advisable to perform puja before marriage.