Garbarakshambigai pregnancy

Garbarakshambigai pregnancy Pooja, Timings and Procedure

Garbarakshambigai pregnancy Pooja

  1. A couple can perform pooja anytime between 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
  2. This Pooja will be performed daily.
  3. Ticket Cost: Rs.500, which include Pooja material
  4. Devotees used to clean the steps way to the Ambal Sannidhi and applies Ghee Prasadam to each step.
  5. The priest will place the Ghee at Ambal Sannidhi and recite Mantras.
  6. At the end, the priest will hand over the Ghee the Couple telling them few instructions.
  7. The couple after reaching home have to mix the Ghee provided at the temple with the Ghee purchased from any store.
  8. The couple has to consume One Teaspoon Ghee for 48 days at the end of the day.
  9. Women not supposed to take Ghee during mensuration days. While the Husband can have the Ghee even on these days.
  10. Pooja duration: 10 mins to 2 hours, which depends on the crowd.
  11. Sundays will be crowded. Margazhi month is auspicious for this Special Pooja.
  12. It is believed the Couple hears good news well before 48 days.
  13. The couple has to chant Mantra daily for 48 days in the morning hours after lighting lamp and in the evening hours before taking Ghee Prasadam.

Garbarakshambigai pregnancy Mantra

Om Devendhirani Namasthubhyam

Devendhira Priya Baamini
Vivaha Bhaghyam , Aroghyam, Puthra Laabam thehimey,
Bathim Dhehi ,Sudham Dhehi, Soubaghyam Dhehimey,

Subey, Sowmangalyam, Subham Gnanam, Dheimey
Garbarakshake, Kathyayini mahaa maye,
Maha Yoghinya Dheeswari, Nandhagopa Sudham Dhevam
Pathim Mey Gurudhey Namah!

Garbarakshambigai pregnancy Online booking

Devotees who can’t travel long can also order the Ghee Prasadam in online by making Account to Account Transfer

Prasadam Cost: Rs.100 (For Indian devotees) and Rs.300 for Outside India devotees.

Account NameMullaivananathar Swamy temple.
Account Number341002010000441.
Bank NameUnion Bank of India.
Branch NameThirukarukavur
IFS CodeUBIN0534102

On making Payment, the devotee has to fill the form with the transaction receipt attached. Payment Form


  1. Hello sir i need ghee prasadam….. How to pay for online…. Also how to know it is dispatch from there?