Garbarakshambigai Easy Delivery

Garbarakshambigai Easy Delivery Pooja, Timings, Cost and Procedure

Garbarakshambigai Easy Delivery Pooja

  1. When the pregnancy period enters the Third Trimester
  2. The women have to apply this special castor oil on the lower abdomen during Pain.
  3. The devotee has to chant the Mantra Daily for Smooth and Trouble-free delivery.
  4. It is not required for Women to collect oil. Any of her relative or Husband can collect the oil from the temple.
  5. Holy Castor Oil can be collected from the temple counter in person.

Garbarakshambigai Easy Delivery Mantra

1st Mantra

Hey, Shankara Smarahara Brahmadhathi
Nathari Mannatha Samba Sasisooda
Harathiri soolin sambo Sugaprasava Grithbavamey
Dayalo, Hey Madhavi Vanesa Palaiyamaam Namasthey


2nd Mantra

Himavat Uttharey, Parswey, Suratha Namayakshinee,
Thasya, Smarana, Mathrena, Visalya, Gharbinee bavedhu.

Garbarakshambigai Easy Delivery Online booking

Devotees who can’t travel long can also order the Castor oil in online by making Account to Account Transfer

Castor Oil Cost: Rs.100 (For Indian devotees) and Rs.300 for Outside India devotees.

Account NameMullaivananathar Swamy temple.
Account Number341002010000441.
Bank NameUnion Bank of India.
Branch NameThirukarukavur
IFS CodeUBIN0534102

On making Payment, the devotee has to fill the form with the transaction receipt attached. Payment Form

For more details, Please call @ 85000 85151


  1. Anna my sister’s daughter good and safe delivery amma