Ekadasi 2020 Dates

Ekadasi 2020 Dates, Krishna Ekadasi and Shukla Ekadasi Dates

Shukla Ekadasi: 11th Lunar Day in Shukla Paksha. when Moon Size is increasing and is called Shukla Paksha.

Krishna Ekadasi: 11th Lunar day in Krishna Paksha. when the Moon starts shrinking and is called Krishna Paksha.

Ekadasi 2020 Dates

Shukla EkdasaiKrishna Ekdasi
4Apr 202018Apr 2020
4May 202018May 2020
2Jun 202017Jun 2020
1Jul 202016Jul 2020
30Jul 202015Aug 2020
29Aug 202013Sep 2020
27Sep 202013Oct 2020
27Oct 202011Nov 2020
26Nov 202011Dec 2020
25Dec 20209Jan 2020
24Jan 20208Feb 2020
23Feb 20209Mar 2020
25Mar 20208Apr 2020

Ekadashi Vratham Procedure

  • Have to read Sri Maha Vishnu Stories
  • Fasting on Dasami Night
  • Ekadasi Day and Night
  • Dwadsai Day and Night
  • Need to have Tulasi water on Dwadasi Morning,
  • Those who can’t fast, can perform this Vratham by having Fruits or Panchamrutham or Sesame Seeds and Jaggery.
  • Have to end fasting by reading Sri Maha Vishnu Stories
  • From Trayodasi day, it is going to be Normal.

It is believed that those who perform Ekadasi Vratham will be blessed with Vaikuntam after life.

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