Auspicious Marriage dates in 2023

Auspicious Marriage dates in 2023, Wedding Muhurtham and Timings. Best star and Thithi for the marriage and Engagement function.

Why should Marriage Muhurtham be good?

  1. Marriage Muhurtham will impact pregnancy
  2. It can cause differences between a couple
  3. Marumangalyam (re-marriage) will be performed in such cases to hold the bonding
  4. Impact on business/ Financial loss
  5. It will impact relationships within the family

It is advisable to double-check on Muhurtham timings with 2 to 3 known astrologers as any errors can be rectified in the first 16 days.

Auspicious Marriage dates in 2023

Month Marriage Dates
Jan 2023 25Jan, 26Jan, 27Jan, 28Jan
Feb 2023 1Feb, 3Feb, 8Feb, 9Feb, 10Feb, 11Feb, 12Feb, 15Feb, 16Feb, 22Feb, 23Feb, 24Feb, 25Feb
Mar 2023 1Mar, 3Mar, 5Mar, 8Mar, 9Mar, 10Mar, 11Mar, 15Mar, 17Mar, 18Mar, 22Mar, 23Mar, 24Mar, 26Mar
Apr 2023 Guru Moudyam (No Muhurtham Dates)
May 2023 3May, 4May, 5May, 6May, 7May, 8May, 10May, 11May, 12May, 13May, 21May, 26May, 27May, 28May, 30May, 31May
Jun 2023 1Jun, 3Jun, 7Jun, 8Jun, 9Jun, 10Jun, 11Jun
Jul 2023 Ashadamasam (No Muhurtham Dates)
Aug 2023 19Aug, 20Aug, 22Aug, 24Aug, 26Aug, 29Aug, 30Aug, 31Aug
Sep 2023 1Sep, 2Sep, 3Sep, 6Sep, 7Sep, 8Sep
Oct 2023 18Oct, 19Oct, 20Oct, 21Oct, 22Oct, 24Oct, 25Oct, 26Oct, 27Oct, 31Oct
Nov 2023 1Nov, 2Nov, 8Nov, 9Nov, 16Nov, 17Nov, 18Nov, 19Nov, 22Nov, 23Nov, 24Nov, 25Nov, 28Nov, 29Nov
Dec 2023 3Dec, 5Dec, 6Dec, 7Dec, 8Dec, 14Dec, 15Dec, 16Dec, 17Dec, 19Dec, 20Dec, 21Dec, 24Dec, 31Dec

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Tuesday and Friday are not advisable for the engagement function. Vidhiya Thithi, Thathiya Thithi, Panchami Thithi, Sapthami Thithi, Dasami Thithi, Ekadasi, Trayodasi and Pournami are highly preferred for the engagement function.

Best days for Engagement function

  1. Sunday
  2. Monday
  3. Wednesday
  4. Thursday
  5. Saturday

Best stars for the Engagement function

  1. Aswini
  2. Punarvasu
  3. Pushyami
  4. Hastha
  5. Chitta
  6. Swathi
  7. Anuradha
  8. Dhanishta
  9. Shathabhisha

Auspicious Marriage dates or Days in 2023

Sunday, Saturday and Monday will be average for the marriage Muhurtham. Tuesdays are not preferred for the marriage Muhurtham.

Vidhiya Thithi, Thathiya Thithi, Panchami Thithi, Sapthami Thithi, Dasami Thithi, Trayodasi Thithi and Pournami Thithi are good for marriage.

Best days for the Marriage

  1. Wednesday
  2. Thursday
  3. Friday

Best stars for the Marriage

  1. Rohini
  2. Mrugasira
  3. Makha
  4. Uttara
  5. Hastha
  6. Swathi
  7. Anuradha
  8. Moola
  9. Uttarashada
  10. Uttarabhadra
  11. Revathi

Best Telugu Months for the Marriage Muhurtham

  1. Magha Masam
  2. Phalguna Masam
  3. Vaisakha Masam
  4. Jyesta Masam

Karthika Masam and Margasira Masam will be average for Marriage Muhurtham.