Auspicious Day for Tirupati Balaji Darshan

Auspicious Day for Tirupati Balaji Darshan, the Best day for Tirumala Temple visit

In Tirumala, Hair can be offered any day as all days are auspicious. The majority of devotees used to offer hair on Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat and Sundays.

Auspicious Day for Tirupati Balaji Darshan

  1. Pournami Days
  2. Guru Purnima/ Vyasa Purnima Day
  3. Sayana Ekadasi/ Tholi Ekadasi
  4. Ekadasi Days
  5. Kaisika Dwadasi
  6. Vaikunta Ekadasi/ Mukkoti Ekadasi
  7. Vaikunta Dwadasi
  8. Puratasi Month (Sep month)
  9. Panchami Theertham
  10. Rathasapthami
  11. Bheesma Ekadasi

It will be a heavy rush on these days as it is auspicious to visit Tirupati Temple. Sarva Darshan might take 12 to 24 hours and Special Entry Darshan might be 3 to 3 hours 30 mins.

Auspicious Day for Tirupati Balaji Darshan in 2022 and 2023

Ekadasi, Dwadasi and Purnima days will be crowded in Tirumala. Tirumala temple will be crowded during weekends, festival days and holidays.

Tirupati Temple Ekadasi 2022 and 2023 Dates

Date Ekadasi Details
12Apr 2022 Sarvai Ekadasi
21Apr 2022 Smartha Ekadasi
12May 2022 Sarvai Ekadasi
26May 2022 Mathatraya Ekadasi
10Jun 2022 Sarva Ekdasi
24Jun 2022 Sarva Ekadasi
10Jul 2022 Tholi Ekadasi/ Saya Ekadasi
17Jul 2022 Sarva Ekadasi
8Aug 2022 Sarva Ekadasi
22Aug 2022 Smartha Ekadasi
6Sep 2022 Sarva Ekadasi
21Sep 2022 Sarva Ekadasi
6Oct 2022 Mathatraya Ekadasi
21Oct 2022 Sarva Ekadasi
4Nov 2022 Sarva Ekadasi
20Nov 2022 Mathatraya Ekadasi
3Dec 2022 Mathatraya Ekadasi
19Dec 2022 Sarva Ekadasi
2Jan 2023 Vaikunta Ekadasi/ Mukkoti Ekadasi/ Sarvai Ekadasi
18Jan 2023 Mathatraya Ekadasi
1Feb 2023 Bheesmai Ekadasi
16Feb 2023 Sarvai Ekadasi
3Mar 2023 Mathatraya Ekadasi
18Mar 2023 Mathatraya Ekadasi

Tirupati Temple Pournami 2022 and 2023 Dates

Month Pournima Date
Mar 2022 5Mar
Apr 2022 16Apr
May 2022 16May
Jun 2022 14Jun
Jul 2022 13Jul
Aug 2022 12Aug
Sep 2022 10Sep
Oct 2022 9Oct
Nov 2022 8Nov
Dec 2022 8Dec
Jan 2023 6Jan
Feb 2023 5Feb
Mar 2023 7Mar

Garuda procession will be held on Pournami days in Tirumala. At times, Pournami Garuda Vahana Seva might be cancelled and will be informed in advance.

Vaikunta Dwaram Darshan 2023 Dates

Vaiuknta Dwaram will be open for 10 days starting from 2Jan. Tirumala temple will be crowded heavily on these dates. Vaikunta Ekadasi and Vaikunta Dwadas are highly preferred dates for Darshan.

Date Vaikunta Dwaram Details
2Jan 2023 Vaikunta Ekadasi
3Jan 2023 Vaikunta Dwadasi
4Jan 2023 to 11Jan 2023 Vaikunta Dwaram remains open

Sarva Darshan might take 16 to 24 hours during Vaikunta Dwaram opening dates.

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