Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Arjitha Seva

Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Arjitha Seva Timings, Procedure, Booking details

Reporting Time: 5:00 am

Online and TTD counter devotees will be around 80 members.
DD booking members will be another 20 – 30. The total comes to 120 devotees ( approx).

Seva Date: Tuesdays only.

Seva Duration: 30 Mins

Ticket Cost: Rs.1250 per person.

Entry for Single and Couples.

Arjitha Seva Dress Code
Male devotees to wear White Dhoti and Upper cloth. Men to remove shirt and Vest during the Seva. Female to wear Sarees.

Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Arjitha Seva details

Queue Line starts from 5 am onward. The Devotees are allowed to take a seat in Kalyanotsavam mandap for 10 – 15 mins.  ID details will be verified here. Shirt to be removed well before entering Kalyanotsavam Mantap. The upper cloth will be given to the male devotees.
After Verification, Devotees are allowed inside Garbha Griha to take a seat. Seating is allowed from 2nd door onward. Females have to be seated one side and Males on the other side. Once the devotees are seated in the Garbha Griha the curtain will be closed at the last door ie. at Jaya Vijaya Statues.  Golden Flowers will be placed at the holy feet of Lord Venkateswara while mantras are chanted in parallel.
Aarti will be offered twice during Pooja time.

At the end of the Seva, Devotees are allowed to have Darshan from the 1st door. Satagopam will be offered to each devotee.

Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Arjitha Seva Booking

  1. Tickets can be booked in online thru Lucky Dip process.
  2. A devotee can enrol for the Seva in online.
  3. The lucky dip will be processed one week later at 12 pm.
  4. Message thru SMS and E-mail will be sent to the devotee on success.
  5. The payment link will be enabled for 1 week for online payment.
  6. The devotee must carry Original Photo ID proof at the time of reporting.

Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Arjitha Seva Quota Dates

Sevas Month Quota release date and Time
Mar 2020 6Dec 10:00 am
Apr 2020 3Jan 10:00 am
May 2020 7Feb 10:00 am
Jun 2020 6Mar 10:00 am
Jul 2020 3Apr 10:00 am
Aug 2020 1May 10:00 am (as it is Holiday) or 8May 10:00 am
Sep 2020 5Jun 10:00 am
Oct 2020 3Jul 10:00 am
Nov 2020 7Aug 10:00 am
Dec 2020 4Sep 10:00 am
Jan 2021 2Dec 10:00 am


  1. In my family went 7person’s how I’ll book for this seva and how much for the tickets per head pls guide.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to enroll online in seva electronic dip , the next quota will be released on May 3rd at 10 am.
      Thank you .