Araku By Road

Araku By Road, Interesting Places, Food, Stay and Route information

Tourists Araku By Road

  1. Reach Araku by Train then hire cab/jeep in Araku to visit places. Train Journey is preferable during Winter and Rainy seasons.
  2. Next option, Hire Cab and Start from Vizag by 6 am so that important places can be covered in a day.
  3. Places that can be covered in a day are Borra Caves, Katiki Falls, Tribal Museum, Padmapuram gardens, Chaparai and Coffee Plantations. Ananthagiri Waterfalls or Katikifalls, either can be covered in a day.
  4. It is 3 hours drive from Vizag to Araku by Car.
  5. Tourists can stay at Mayuri Hill Resort or Haritha Valley Resort which are close to Araku Railway station. AP Tourism resorts follows standard Check-in and Check-out Timings: 10 am – 10 am.
  6. Tourists can reach Araku by Bus, First bus starts at 5 am from Vizag. Bus frequency is 45 mins from Vizag to Araku. It takes 3 hours 30 mins -4  hours by Bus.

Route map and places that fall on Vizag to Araku to Paderu

  1. Visakhapatnam to NAD Junction located on NH5
  2. NAD Junction to Pendurthi
  3. Pendurthi to Kothavalasa
  4. Kothavalasa to Tathipudi Junction – Thatipudi Reservoir which is
  5. Thatipudi Junction to TYDA (Jungle Bells for trekking and bird watching)
  6. TYDA to Borra Caves Junction
  7. Borra Caves Junction to Borra Caves
  8. Borra Caves to Katiki Falls  – From Borra caves, Half of the path can be covered by jeep / Car /two-wheeler. Other half is by walk to the falls which is 1.5 – 2 km from the Railway track.
  9. Katiki Falls to Borra Caves Junction
  10. Borra Caves Junction to Ananthagiri  – Ananthagiri Resorts for the stay.
  11. Ananthagiri to Araku
  12. Araku to Chaparai waterfalls is on the way to Paderu. Coffee plantations are another interesting view near Paderu.

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