Tirupati Gangamma Jathara Vesham

Tirupati Gangamma Jathara Vesham

Tirupati Gangamma Jathara Vesham, Jathara Schedule

Day Event/ Vesham Name
Day 1 – Tuesday Chatimpu
Day 2 – Wednesday Bairagi Vesham
Day 3 – Thursday Banda Vesham
Day 4 – Friday Thota Vesham
Day 5 – Saturday Dhora Vesham
Day 6 – Sunday Mathangi Vesham
Day 7 – Monday Sunnapu Kundalu
Day 8 – Tuesday Gangamma Jathara. Sapparam


Temple History

Chieftain of this region were known for their bad treatment meted out to women. There were many cases where the women in the town were subjected to frequent harrassment from the rulers. It was during this time goddess decided to bring peace in the region, She was born in Avilala which is neighboring to Tirupati and grown up as a beautiful Women. One day, Cheiftain (Palegaldu) while going around the place, saw Gangamma and approached her with bad intention. When Gangamma tried to kill him with her power, he escaped from her and was hidden in a remote place.

Gangamma devised a plan to bring the chieftain out of hiding. She planned a Ganga Jathara festival in which people from the Tirupati decorate their faces with mysterious masks and shout abuses against the gangamma.On the 7th day, When Palegadu came out of the hiding, Goddess killed him and self-mainfested here.


Jathara Celebrations


Chatimpu is the announcement made around the Tirupati City to let everyone know that Jathara is commencing. It is usually event which will be held on 2nd Tuesday every year, during the month of May, Gangamma Jathara will be announced. During Chatimpu no one should present in the streets. This announcement will be carried by playing musical instruments known as Dappu.


Bairgai Vesham

On this day devotees used to coat their body with white color paste (Naam Kommu) and wear a garland which is made from “Rella Kaya” fruits. Devotees will hold neem leaves in their hands and also tie their waist with neem leaves. People will start by foot to the temple and will leave those neem leaves and Rella Kaya graland there at the temple after the darshan of the Goddess.


Banda Vesham

On this day devotees used to smear their body with Kumkum color paste and ties a ribbon to the head. Devtoees starts to Gangamma temple by foot and will have darshan of the Goddess.


Thota Vesham

On this day devotees used to smear their body with Charcoal and wears a garland made out of neem leaves. Devotees reaches Gangamma temple by foodand will have darshan of the Goddess.

Dhora Vesham

It is said that Goddess Adi Parakshthi in the form of Gangamma killed Chieftain who was troubling innocent people.

On this day devotees used to smear their body with Sandal paste (Chandanam) and wears a graland made out of neem leaves and lemons. Devotees reaches temple by dancing in the streets for the Dappu music all along their path.

Mathangi Vesham

Gangamma who Killed Palegadu in Dhora Vesham, consoled Chieftain’s wife in Mathangi Vesham.


Sunnapu Kundalu

On the sixth day of the festival, devotees smear their boyd with white color paste and applies dots with charcoal. And carries a pot (Veyyi kalla Dutta) on their head. On reaching temple devotees goes around the temple for thrice by carrying the pot on their head. Leaves pot there at the temple after 3rd round and will go for Goddess Darshan.

Gangamma Jathara

On the 7th day of the festival, the clay idol which was built at the entrance of the main temple on day one, will be destroyed in to countless pieces. This event is known as ‘Champa Narukudu’. Devotees rush to collect this clay which is considered holy and will be kept at homes, some will consume by mixing this clay with water.


Gangamma Temple Address and Contact number

Sri Thataihagunta Gangamma Devasthanam,

Tirupati, Chittoor District- 517501

Contact number: +91 877 2220766


Tirupati Gangamma Jathara Vesham


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