Tirumala Visesha Pooja Procedure

Tirumala Visesha Pooja Procedure


Tirumala Visesha Pooja Procedure

Seva Reporting Time: 6:30 A.M

Reporting Venue: VQC I

Ticket Cost: Rs. 600 per person

Prior starting Homam, devotees needs to perform Sankalpa (Wish for which you are performing this pooja)

Homam starts by 7:15 am and ends by 9:15 am.


Visesha Pooja procedure

Every Monday after second bell the utsava vigraha is brought to the mantap for ‘Chaturdasa kalasa visesha pooja’ i.e. 14 kalasas. After seeking the permission of Sri Malayappa Swami, ankurarpana and punyaha vachanam is rendered by archakas. As Panchasukatas-Sri,Bhu, Nila, Purusha and Narayana Suktas are recited, Tirumanjanam is performed to the utsava murtis.

Seven vessels out of fourteen vessels will have gingerly oil, Milk, Curd, Ghee, Akshatas (holy grains of rice), Darbha and Panchagavya. The remaining seven vessels contain Sudhodaka(Pure Water).


Abhisheka Harati is offered to mark the culmination of the seva. Purnahuti is offered to herald the conclusion of the homa. Naivedya is offered to God. The arjita Seva ticket holders who took part in this seva are presented with vastra bahumanam (For men, it is Upper Cloth (Uttariyam),  1 Laddu, 1 Vada /  For Ladies it is 1 Blouse piece, 1 Laddu, 1  Vada)

Devotees Darshan

After Homam, devotees are allowed for Darshan. Visesha pooja tickets holders later mixed with running queue line near Dwajasthambham. From there, it takes 25 mins for Darshan.


Visesha Pooja Photo-Gallery


From the Devotee Srinivasseri

@ All who have booked Vishesha pooja tickets, entrance will be through SUPATHAM.
Reporting time 6:30 am.
You are made to wait in waiting hall till Break Darshan Q line is over( 7.30 am)
then you are allowed.Puja takes place in the main temple were kalyanotsavam is performed.
puja starts at about 8 am and ends by 9:30 am or little later.
After puja, you will be joining running Q line at DWAJASTHAMBAM.
You will be turned away at the very first door (Vakili) Jaya Vijaya ,It will be MAHA LAGHU DARSHAN.



For any queries on Tirumala Visesha Pooja procedure, please leave your comment below.


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  1. I wanted to know if the vishesha can be booked in Mumbai

    for a couple and for my 2 children

    How can i do it


    • Dear Sir,
      You can easily book tickets in online itself. Quota will be released online on 2nd Sep at 11 am
      Children under 12 years don’t need Seva tickets. I would suggest you to try for Suprabhatha Seva tickets instead of Visesha Pooja

      • When is the next quota will be released
        I missed mine today to get Suprabhata seva and got visesha pooja seva
        It is very disappointing to know that we will turned away from Jaya Vijaya
        When you say they will be combining with the main queue, I am little concerned about my 3 months old kid. Will it be in the queue after dwajastambam where there will be lot of pushing while going in and coming in. I am trying to convince my wife that there will not be pushing – am I correct?

        • Dear Sir,
          Next quota will be released online on 7th Oct at 11 am. Visesha pooja will be performed within the temple premises. Darshan will not take more than 20 mins after Seva. You would need to join running Darshan line. There will not be much pushing as you start from Dwajasthambham so you avoid major waiting time.

  2. Sir,

    When trying to book any seva tickets online, the page is getting hanged or the site gets crashed and unfortunately we are unable to book the tickets. Within 25 mins it is shown as quota full. Sir, if we want to go for Suprabhatam darshan what is the other alternative. Please do advise. We would like to have at least once the Suprabhatam darshan Sir.


  3. Sir, My name is krishnamurthy,
    Today I was booked suprabhataham seva through online, but uploading photo is my brother, all are information are me. photo is my brothers. Now ttd can change my photo please inform me.

  4. Sravana Masam 3rd week Saturday i had Suprabhatham Seva. The seva is very nice and is well organized. Happy to say this.


    Venugopal G

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