Thingalur Chandran Temple

Thingalur Chandran Temple is dedicated to Lord Siva. Lord Siva was here known by Kailasanathar. This temple is famous for Infant’s rice feeding.  Temple is 37 km from Kumbakonam. Special poojas will be performed to the deity on full moon day and on Monday’s.

Thingalur Chandran Temple Legends

As per the legend. Chandran had 27 wives, who are daughters of Daksha Prajapathi, among all his wives, Rohini was his favourite. Chandran used to spend most of his time Rohini, ignoring other wives. Knowing this from his Daughters, Daksha cursed Chandran that he would gradually fade away. Chandran did penance for Lord Siva here, to get relieved from Daksha’s curse. To save Chandran the curse, Siva decorated him on his head as the crescent moon. As Daksha’s curse can’t be ignored, Chandran will Wane for the first 15 days, and Waning for the next 15 days.

Apputhi Adigal a merchant living in Thingalur was a great follower of Thirunavukkarasar. One day Apputhi Adigal thought of hosting a party for his Guru during his visit to the temple town. He asked his son to bring the plantain leaves from the garden, where a snake bit him. Apputhi Adigal hid the corpse of his son as he doesn’t want to disturb the plan. Knowing this, the Guru carried the corpse to the Siva temple and revived his life by praying to the Lord.

Thingalur Chandran Temple History

Temple Gopuram is of 5 storied, believed to be constructed by Chola Kings during 10th and 12th century A.D

Thingalur Chandran Temple Timings

Morning Hours: 7 am  – 1 pm

Evening Hours: 4 pm – 9 pm

Temple Contact Number : +91  4362-262499

Temple Address: Arulmegu Kailasanathar Samy Temple, Thingalur, Thiruvaiyaru – 613204

Chandra rules

  1. Health issues related to Nerve, mental condition, Jaundice.
  2. Mother and wife’s health condition
  3. Abroad Travel
  4. Help from the Government
  5. Vehicle ownership

How to reach Thingalur Chandran Temple?

  1. Temple is 36 km from Kumbakonam. Kumbakonam is well connected with buses to all parts of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Temple is 16 km from Thanjavur

Thingalur Chandran Temple


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