Kumbakonam Temple

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Sarangapani Koil

The main tower of the temple is 150 feet high with 11 doorways. There are two entrances to the Sannidhi. One is Dakshinaya Vasal kept open from Adi to Margazhi and other is Uttirayana Vasal kept open from Thai to Ani. The deity is facing East in the reclining posture. The Vimana belongs to the Pallava style of architecture. The temple tank “Hema Pushkarini”, where Hema Rishi attained the blessings of Lord Vishnu by performing penance.

Ramaswamy Temple

This temple was renovated by Govinda Dikshita, a minister of the Nayaks of Thanjavur. Scenes from the Ramayana are painted in glowing colours on the walls of Praharas.

Kumbeswara Temple

This temple is situated west of Sarangapani temple and it faces East. The first Rajagopura is 128 ft high with 9 tiers. The Moolavar is in the shape of a square. As per the legend, that it is the form of a divine casket which contained white sands soaked in Amrit that flowed from the broken vessel of Amrit. The mouth resembles the narrow opening of the vessel. The Lord is called Amuda Kumbesar, Adi Kumbeswarar and Amudesar.

Nageswarar Temple

The term Nageswara is derived from the fact that Adisesha, the holy serpent worshipped the Lord here. The goddess is called Perianayaki. The temple is at a short distance from Kumbeswarar.

Kasi Viswanathar Temple

The temple is situated north of the Ahamakham Tank. The Thevaram refers to the same place as Tirukudandai Kaaronam.

Someswara Temple

Temple is situated south of the Sarangapani Temple. The Lord is Somantha or Sikkesa. The goddess is Somasundari. Having been worshipped by the Jupiter, he is also called Vyazha Somanathar which has been transformed into Elai Somanathar as time passes by. The Thirtha is Soma Tirtha.

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