Mukkanteeswara Temple Kalavagunta

Sri Mukkanteeswara Temple Kalavagunta History

Kalavagunta Village is situated in the North-East direction to Chittoor at a distance of 8 km. Kalavagunta is a small village, located at the merging points of the rivers Aragonda and Ponnai.

The Temples in this village were constructed by the rulers of Chola dynasty in 9th Century A.D. The Idol in this temple is in sitting posture with a left leg folded and right leg resting down on a small platform. Carvings on the walls show the Chola empire architectural skills.

In Kalavagunta village there is two famous two temples,  One is Mukkanteeswara Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the other one Sri Lakshmi Narayana Swamy Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu and Goddess Maha Lakshmi.

Directions to Mukkanteeswara Temple

  1. Direct buses available from Tirupati to Chittoor
  2. From Chittoor to Kalavagunta, Share autos available from Chittoor.

Mukkanteeswara Temple Kalavagunta Gallery

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