Waterfalls near Tirupati

Waterfalls near Tirupati, Kailasakona Falls, Talakona Falls

  1. Talakona Falls
  2. Kailasakona Falls
  3. Sadasiva Kona Falls
  4. Moolakona Falls

Talakona Falls

This falls is located in the Seshachala hills and is 65 Km from Tirupati.

Best Time to visit: Oct-Feb.

Mar-Jun is good time to visit for good weather.

Heavy flow during Aug, Sep and Oct months.

Forest Accommodation is available for the stay.

Siddeshwara Swamy Temple which is dedicated to Lord Siva is located here.

Bus / Car Route from Tirupati  To TalaKona Falls –  Tirupati -> Kaalur Cross – > Ramgampeta -> BakaraPeta -> Nerabailu -> Talakona

Kailasakona Falls

This falls is 45 Km from Tiruapti station.

Best Time to Visit: Oct-Jan.

Karthika Masam days, Sivaratri days will be crowded as Lord Siva temple is located here.

Entry fees: Rs.10 per person.

Sadasiva Kona Falls

Lord Siva temple is located here. This falls is 35 Km from Tirupati station. Karthika Masam, Sivaratri days will be crowded.

Best Time to visit: Oct-Feb.

Other Waterfalls near Tirupati

  1. Moola Kona Falls
  2. Singiri Kona Falls
  3. Battinayyakona Falls
  4. Tadafalls which is a little far.

The direct bus is not available to these falls. These Places can be reached by Taxi/ Two-wheeler.

Smoking, Drinking not allowed at these places. All these Waterfalls comes under Forest Department.

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