Vrushabadri Hill in Tirumala

Vrushabadri Hill in Tirumala

History of Vrushabadri Hill in Tirumala

Seven Hills in Tirumala are named as Venkatadri,Seshadri, Anjanadri, Garudadri, Neeladri, Vrishabhadri, simhadri.

As per the sign board, the first hill is known as Vrushabadri. As per puranas, there was a demon by name Vrushabasura who was a devotee of the Lord Siva. As he was an asura, he had the inborn demonic quality in him and he used to  daily cut his head and offer the same to Lord Siva. By Lord Siva’s grace, he would immediately get back his head. When Lord Siva graced him and asked him to choose any boon, he said that he wanted to have a fight with Lord Siva. Lord Siva granted his wish and the fight between the devotee and the Lord Siva continued for many days. Finally Vrushabhasura was defeated. Before dying as a mark of his attaining salvation at this place he asked Lord Siva to name this hill by his name. So this hill is called by his name as Vrushabadri. 


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