Vontimitta Temple Kadapa

Vontimitta Temple Kadapa

Vontimitta Temple Kadapa History

Temple is 28 km from Kadapa Town, 16 km from Siddout fort via Bhakarapeta.  This place is associated with great scholars and bhaktas like bommari pothana who wrote Bhagavatham and dedicated to Lord here, Tallapaka Annamacharya, Ayyalaraju Tripurantaka and Ayyalaraju Ramabhadra.

Another famous poet, Valivikolanu Subba Rao, Andhra Valmiki, who had translated Ramayanam into Telugu and dedicated to Lord Rama here.

This temple was built by the Chola and Vijayanagar Kings. Vijayanagara kings renovated this temple during 16th century, this monument stands within a rectangle of walls, entered through three imposing Gopuras. The central space within the mandapam is defined by yali piers, the animals being doubled at the corners, where they frame attendant figures. The ceiling over the central space is raised on brackets with multiple corbels.

Vontimitta temple tank is another big tank which was constructed during the times of Vijayanagara dynasty.

Sri Seetha Rama Kalyanam is celebrated at night here. Andhra Pradesh Government officially conducts Seetha Rama Kalyanam in this temple.

Legends associated with Vontimitta Temple Kadapa

Ancient legends say that this temple was built in a single day by ardent devotees of Bhagvan Sri Rama, Vontodu and Mittudu. After construction of this wonderful temple with 32 pillars, both devotees sacrificed their lives and transformed into statues.

It is believed that Lord Jambavatha has placed the Lord Rama Idol in this temple Garbhagudi consists of  Lord Sri Rama, Goddess Sita and Lakshmana Idol engraved on a single rock.

Another interesting fact about Vontimitta Kodanda Rama Swamy Temple is that it is one of the few temples, where the Idol of Sri Rama is without Lord Anjaneya Swamy at his side. Kishkindakanda, one of the 7 Kandas of The great epic Ramayanam, is believed to have happened in this region.

According to Legend, Rama, Lakshmana and Sita spent some time here in the forest during the period of their exile. Once to quench the thirst of Sita, Rama shot an arrow deep into the earth, upon which sweet water gushed out. Later, with this perennial water spring, two small tanks named Rama theertham and Lakshmana Theertham.

The Anjaneya Swamy Gandi may also be part of the Ramayanam, it is believed that the Anjaneya Swamy Idol in Gandi is made by Sri Rama on a hill stone with his arrow point to acknowledge  Anjaneya’s help him in finding Sri Sita Devi.


Vontimitta Temple Kadapa Timings

Morning: 6 am  – 1 pm

Afternoon: 2 pm – 8 pm

Vontimitta Temple Festivals

Andhra Pradesh Government Officially conducts Seetha Rama Kalyanam


Vontimitta Temple Kadapa Poojas

S.No Pooja Ticket Cost
1 Antharalaya Darshanam Rs.50
2 Abhishekam Rs.150
3 Naivedya Pooja Rs.500
4 Kalyanotsavam Rs.1000
5 Saswatha Abhishekam Rs.1116
6 Pushpa Kainkaryam Rs.1500
7 Gudi Utsavam Rs.2000
8 Gramotsavam Rs.2500
9 Brahmotsvam Day Utsavam – Rs.15000

Night Utsavam – Rs.25000

How to reach Vontimitta Temple Kadapa?

By Train

  1. Near Railway station, 1.4 Km from Vontimitta Railway station, which takes 4 mins from this station.
  2. Bhakarapet Railway station is 8.2 km, it takes 20 mins by Road from this station.
  3. Kadapa Railway station, which is 25.9 Km, which takes 35 mins from this station
  4. Tirupati Railway station, 117 km which takes 2 hours by Road.

By Road

  1. Rajampeta is 28.6 km which takes 30 mins from this town
  2. 26.2 Km from Kadapa Town, which takes 25 mins
  3. 116 Km from Tirupati, which takes 1 hours 55 mins
  4. 133 km from Sri Kalahasthi, which takes 2 hours 15 mins
  5. 28.1 Km from Tallapaka Village, which takes 35 mins from this place

Vontimitta Temple Kadapa

Reference Link: Temple History


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