Visiting Places Near Srisailam Temple

Visiting Places Near Srisailam Temple, Distance, and Significance

Sakshi Ganapathi Temple

Sakshi Ganapathi acts as the witness for your Srisailam Visit. Idol will be holding Pen in one hand and book on the other hand. Temple is at the entrance of Srisailam. Temple is 2 km from Bus station.


Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy appeared to his ardent devotee Kesappa in a piece of a pot, who was a potter by work. Hence the place popular by the name Hatakeswaram. This place is 3 km from Srisailam Temple

Srisailam Dam

Srisailam Dam Viewpoint is 13 km from Srisailam Temple. Direct bus and Cabs are running to this place.

Phaladhara Panchadhara

This place is close to Hatakeswaram. It is believed that water here originates from the forehead of Lord Siva. Panchadhara represents five elements of Lord Siva. This place is 3 km from Srisailam Temple.


This place is located on top of the hill and there is a temple of Veera Sikhara Swamy. Devotees used to watch Srisailam Temple tower from the space between Nandi’s two horns. It is believed that by doing so relieves human soul from rebirth.  This place is 8 km from Srisailam.

Istakameswari Temple

Goddess Idol stands unique and this temple dates back to 8th and 9th Century A.D. It is believed that wishes will be fulfilled by praying the deity here. This temple is  21 km from Srisailam and is located in the deep forest.

Siddharamappa Kolanu

An interesting story attached with this Kolanu (lake). An ardent devotee Siddha Ramappa along with a group from Sholapur during his pilgrimage reached Srisailam and started searching for the Lord. The group members showed him the path to Self-manifested Linga. Even after seeing the Linga he did not accept the Lord’s presence and continued his search and reached the edge of the Lake. After the rigorous search for the Lord in the hills, he tried to jump into the Lake. Lord Siva pleased with his devotion and rescued him from drowning. Hence the name Siddharamappa Kolanu. This lake is located on the Northern side of the temple and is 1 km away.


Currently, there are 5 mutts located in Srisailam and these mutts date back to 7th Century AD. These spiritual centers are located close to the temple and are 1 km away.


This garden is 1 km from

Reference Link Temple History



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