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There is an Icon called ‘vimana Venkateswara Swamy’ in the second tier of the Vimana of the Ananda Nilayam. It is a small-scale replica of the Moola Vigraha carved on the northwest corner of the Vimana. Devotees who visit this Temple make it a point to worship this Idol with a belief that they would attain salvation. There is a silver ‘Thiruchi’ to the icon to distinguish it from the other Idols and there is also a name board.

According to one Story, when the outer Prakarams and the Sanctum were built, a worried Kubera from whom the Lord had taken a huge loan for His marriage, expressed his anxiety that the Lord might not repay his debt and might indeed Vanish from his sight!

The Lord assured Kubera that he would get His Prototype installed on the Vimana so that Kubera would know that the Lord was ever-present. Tradition also says that Vyasa Teertha, also known as Vyasa Raja, a great saint of the Dwaitha cult, ate only after worshipping this deity and thereby obtained the Lord’s grace.

Vimana Venkateswara Swamy Tirumala History Photos Wiki

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