Vimana Pradakshinam Tirumala Temple

Vimana Pradakshinam Inside Tirumala Temple

After crossing the inner Gopuram, one enters the open space that is known as the Vimana Pradakshinam. This is the second Pradakshinma path circumambulating the inner shrine. This space is in-between the walls of the 2nd Prakaram of the Inner Gopuram and the walls of the 1st Prakaram that surround the sanctum. The open space combined with the Tirumamani Mandapam measure hardly 5 mt. The Vimana or Gopuram can be seen from here.

The devotees who have taken a vow for Anga Pradakshinam or Circumambulation by rolling on the ground, perform it here. There are many cut stone structures, shrines and Mandapams inside in addition to the Garbagriham. The corridor has pillars built in typical Vijayanagara Style. They are carved with sculptures of a monkey and snake, the lady with a bow, Kamsa, Puthana, Krishna tied to a stone, Ranganatha etc.

On the western Verandah, Veda Prayanam takes place every day. This verandah leads off into a number of rooms like the Kaikolas, Sangeetha Bhandaram and so on.

Vimana Pradakshinam Tirumala

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