Veda Paatashala Tirumala

Veda Paatashala Tirumala

Veda paatashala Tirumala which is nearly 130 years old was started with a mission serve for the cause of protecting age old Hindu tradition, culture through Sanskrit Learning and began in 1884.Dharmagiri Veda pathashala which is located in the interior forest belt of Seshachalam ranges in Tirumala.So far over 5000 students passed out of this “Gurukul Ashram” learning and are settled in top positions across various institutions in the country in their respective shastras.

T.T.D Veda Paatashala is built to promote culture and safe guard traditions and to bring awareness about Hinduism and Its prominence.

Veda Paatashala is located at a distance of 2 Km from Sila Thoranam.


Admission at Veda Patashala, Tirumala

1) Entry is for students below 20 years of age.

2) Application will be available in the months of Apr/May

3) Courses offered : Vedam, Pourohithyam, Archaka


For students above 20 year of age, courses are available at Vedic University and Sanskrit Vidyapeet.



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  1. Kondala Rao Saraswatula

    i would like to know whether this vedapathasala is under the management of TTD. Please let me know the procedure for making donations to the vedapathasala.

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