Vairamudi Brahmotsavam 2020

Vairamudi Brahmotsavam 2020 Date and Vahanam Timings

Vairamudi Mahotsavam will be held on 2Apr from 9:00 am onwards.

This festival will be held for 13 days in the month of Mar/ Apr.

Vairamudi Brahmotsavam 2020 Dates

Date Day Details
28Mar 2020 Saturday Ankurarpanam for Sri Vairamudi
29Mar 2020 Sunday Kalyanotsavam
30Mar 2020 Monday Dwajarohanam
31Mar 2020 Tuesday Sesha Vahanam (Padiyettam)
1Apr 2020 Wednesday Nagavalli Mahotsavam
2Apr 2020 Thursday Vairamudi Mahotsavam
3Apr 2020 Friday Prahalada Paripalanam
Garuda Vahanam
4Apr 2020 Saturday Gajendra Moksham
5Apr 2020 Sunday Rathotsavam ( Golden Pallakku)
6Apr 2020 Monday Teppotsavam
7Apr 2020 Tuesday Pattabhishekam
8Apr 2020 Wednesday Mahabhishekam to Sri Naryanaswamy
9Apr 2020 Thursday Mahabhishekam to Yadugiri Thayar,
Sri Yoga Narasimhaswamy
Annakoti Utsava

The crowd will be high on these dates, it is advisable to plan your trip properly.

Annadanam will be performed at the temple premises during this time.

Darshan Dress Code: Any decent outfit.

Darshan Duration: 2 -3 hours.

On the morning of 2Apr ie Vairamudi Mahotsava, the crown is taken out in a procession. After decorating the crown, no one supposed to touch the crown other than the priest.