Vaikunta Theertham

Vaikunta Theertham Tirumala

Vaikunta Theertham Sacred water body located deep inside Seshachala Forest. Bath here will gives Vaikunta Prapthi after life and also erase all Sins committed in this life. It is a 3 hours trekking from Kukka Doddi Village to this Theertham.

Vaikunta Guha, where Sages used to meditate and lead their life. Place is calm and with good water flow.

One needs proper guide to safely reach this place and to identify this theertham.

Best time to visit this Theertham is Jan-Feb-Mar months.


Vaikunta Guha Gallery

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Vaikunta Theertham Video

Video is from Vaikunta Theertham , misktanely updated it as Naga Theertham Title


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