Tumburu Theerta Trekking

Tumburu Theerta Trekking Steps

  1. Be there at Papavinasam dam by 5.30am and start crossing dam in the early morning to avoid huge rush from 6.30am
  2. It is not advisable to go with kids for this trip. In the return path, it’s completely up way and in the heavy crowd, there are chances of missing loved ones. So it is advisable to plan this trip without children.
  3. Devotees should carry one 2-litre water bottle while entering. It is advisable to go with less luggage’s so that it will make your trekking easy.
  4. Devotees to carry less money while entering the forest as food will be provided by TTD administration so there is no need for more money.
  5. Deposit your belongings at safe deposit lockers in PACs. Just carry bus fare from Tirumala to Papavinasam and Papavinasanam to Tirumala.
  6. Devotees are allowed to do night halt.
  7. No devotees allowed carrying cooking vessels and cooking. Free Annandhanam will be done by TTD.
  8. Police staff will be available for information and safety.
  9. TTD will be running a special free bus from Tirumala bus station to Papavinasanam dam entrance on these days.

Tumburu Theertha Mukkoti Date: 22 Mar,23 Mar, 24 Mar

Timings: 6 am  – 6 pm.

For updated dates on Tumburu Theerta Trekking, please call @85000 85151


  1. I’m interested in Tumburu teertham trekking. Kindly update me the dates and the booking procedure. Thanks in advance

    • Dear Madam,
      I will surely let you know well in advance. I’m going to save your mail id for further communication