Tirupati Temple Marriage Procedure

Tirupati Temple Marriage Procedure, Booking Procedure

Purohit Sangam Marriages

  1. 30 days advance booking required.
  2. Bride, Groom and their parent’s ID proof details to be uploaded.
  3. One must reach Tirumala a day in advance for final verification at Purohit Sangam. Please carry all required ID Proofs
  4. Bride and Groom must bring Thasildhar or MRO certified unmarried certificate.
  5. This marriage is performed with other couples as a group.
  6. Purohit will be allotted from the Devasthanam.
  7. Pooja articles required for the Kalyanam to be purchased on their own.
  8. Two Rs.50 rooms will be allotted after verification.
  9. After marriage, the couple and 6 members can have Rs.300 Darshan.
  10. 10 Small Laddus will be provided to the couple with no charges.
  11. Pasupu, Kumkum and Kankanam will be provided by the Devasthanam.
  12. Love and Second marriages are not allowed in these Mandapam.

SMC and TBC Marriage Halls

  1. The Bride, Groom, Bride parents and Groom parents must come to Tirumala to book Hall.
  2. Hall capacity: 20 – 30 members.
  3. All required to bring Aadhaar Cards as it is biometric registration.
  4. Registration opens on 90th day and closes 1 week in advance.
  5. Darshan is not included in this booking.
  6. Marriage can be performed even in open space with little decoration.
  7. Catering, decoration arrangements, Purohit, Pooja articles have to be arranged on their own.
  8. Love marriages without parents acceptance are not allowed.
  9. Marriage registration can be performed with the receipt issued from the Devasthanam.

Tirupati Temple Marriage Procedure

  1. Marriage Halls with Capacity: 50 – 250 are available beside the temple.
  2. Full rent to be paid at the time of booking.
  3. Photo ID proofs required for hall booking.
  4. Marriage Registration can be performed at SMC on the same day
  5. Darshan is not included in this booking.
  6. Only Hindu arranged marriages are allowed at this function halls.

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