Tirupati Physically Challenged Darshan

Tirupati Physically Challenged Darshan

Tirupati Physically Challenged Darshan Timings, Dates, Booking Procedure

TTD has been issuing 4000 tickets on two lean Tuesdays and Wednesdays in a month from the past two months.

In the month of Oct, 4000 tickets will be issued on each day for aged  (Senior Citizens above 65 years) and physically challenged on October 17 and 24.

Infant and their parents will be allowed for darshan from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm on October 18th and 25th.

These tickets are free tickets, Counter for Senior Citizens and Physically challenged is available at Museum. While it is at Supadam entrance Line for Infants and their parents.

One must Carry Valid Photo ID proof to access Special Entry Darshan.


  1. Sir,
    You have mentioned that physically challenged will be allowed free dharshan on October 17 and
    M y question is it only on these days in a year you give free tickets to senior citizens and physically
    challenged or on every two lean tuesdays and wednesdays in a month.?

    Due you mean to say that on any other days of the month senior citizens and physically challenged
    cannot avail free tickets?

    You have mentioned Physically challenged .
    Do you mean any kind of physically challenged {a] Visually challenged [B] Orthopedically
    Challenged {C] hearing impairied challenged ?

    Is the free tickets for specific physically challenged or any kind of physically challenged

    Should they carry physically challenged certificate?

    Please answer my queries.

    Hari Kanniah
    [email protected]

    • Hi Sir,

      Senior Citizen Darshan and Infant Darshan available on all days. 17 and 24th Oct are special due to more tickets. Usually seniors and physically challenged will have 1600 (around) in a day. But on these two days, it is 4000 tickets.

      Special entry is available for the devotees who need support while having Darshan. Any disability which is severe and needs attention will be considered for special entry darshan.

  2. My Uncle aged 83 has got suprabatam by lucky dip is there any facility to send him in wheel chair up to main entrance from There he can walk

  3. my in-laws cannot walk till the supadam entrance, can i go and collect the tickets for both of them. what are the documents i need to carry for collecting the tickets.

  4. Sir,
    Myself age 69 yrs., and my wife aged 58 yrs. We both proposed to have Darshan at Thirumala on 28-10-2017. We are arriving Thirumala on 27-10 2017 night itself. At what time we can get Senior citizen Dharshan and where we have to wait. Kindly guide me Sir.

    • HI Sir,

      yes you both can eligible for senior citizen darshan on arrival you can get the tickets at museaum from 7 am onwards so plan accordingly


  5. Hi Sir,

    I have a baby girl 20 months, I and my wife are eligible for a special darshan.If yes please let me the process.

  6. My child is physically challenged (can’t walk). What is the procedure to avail darshan in this category and will they allow both parents or only one of them with the child? Also is it possible to get wheel chair or any helper to assist us till darshan is completed.

    • HI Sir,

      You can take your child only person can allowed along with your child ans wheel chair is not allowed inside the temple sir


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