Tirupati Gangamma Jathara 2019

Tirupati Gangamma Jathara 2019 Date, Timings, Vesham details

Date Day Jathara Details
7May 2019 Tuesday Chatimpu
8May 2019 Wednesday Bairagi Vesham
9May 2019 Thursday Banda Vesham
10May 2019 Friday Thota Vesham
11May 2019 Saturday Dora Vesham
12May 2019 Sunday Mathangi Vesham
13May 2019 Monday Sunappu Kundalu
14May 2019 Tuesday Gangamma Jathara

Crowd will be high on the Final day ie. 14May. It is believed that whoever have the Prasadam will be blessed with children and Good health.

Special Darshan Ticket Cost: Rs.20 per person

Archana Ticket Cost: Rs.5 per person.

Darshan waiting time: 45 mins – 60 mins.

Dress Code: Any decent outfit.