Tirupati darshan today waiting time

Tirupati darshan today waiting time, Darshan updates and Crowd status

31Oct Darshan Updates

  1. 83,147 devotees had Darshan
  2. 22 VQC II Compartments are filled with devotees.
  3. Sarva Darsha: 16 hours.
  4. Divya Darshan: 6 hours.
  5. Slotted Sarva Darshan: 5 hours.
  6. Senior Citizen Darshan: 1 hour 30 mins
  7. Supadam Darshan: 1 hour 30 mins for Darshan and 45 mins compartment waiting time.
  8. Crowd status: Normal
  9. Weather report: Cloudy and little rain.
  10. CRO office Room allotment waiting time: 3 hours.
  11. Hundi Collection: 3.17 Cr
  12. Special Entry Darshan: 1 hour 45 mins.
  13. Recommendation letters were not accepted for Friday VIP Break Darshan.
  14. Angapradakshinam tickets were not issued for Friday as it overlaps with Poorabhishekam

1Nov: Tirupati darshan today waiting time

  1. Sarva Darshan: 15 hours.
  2. Slotted Sarva Darshan: 6 hours.
  3. Divya Darshan: 5 -6 hours from the token issued time.
  4. Senior Citizen Darshan slot is available for 3:00 pm today.
  5. Senior Citizen Darshan Time: 1 hour 30 mins.
  6. Crowd status: High
  7. VIP Break Darshan Timings: 7:45 am – 9:00 am.
  8. Lucky Dip Offline quota: Poorabhishekam – 4, Melchat Vastram – 3, Suprabhatha Seva – 50, Kalyanotsavam – 80 tickets.
  9. Ticket Cost: Melchat Vastram – Rs.12,250 and Poorabhishekam Rs.2500.
  10. Lucky Dip online quota for the month of Feb will be released today at 10:00 am.
  11. CRO office room allotment waiting time: 2 -3 hours.
  12. Weather report: Sunny and clear sky.
  13. Supadam Darshan: 2 hours.
  14. Sheegra Darshan time: 1 hour 45 mins – 2 hours.
  15. VIP Break Darshan is not available for recommendation letters.
  16. Angapradaskhinam Ticket counter opens at 12:00 pm.
  17. Arjitha Brahmotsavam Timings: 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm.
  18. Vasanthotsavam Timings: 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm.
  19. Dolotsavam: 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm.
  20. Sahasra Deepalankara Seva: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm.
Are there any private hotels in Tirumala?

No, private hotels or rooms available. It is Temple Trust rooms or Mutt rooms available.

How to book Tirumala Mutt rooms?

Online booking is not available. On arrival booking at the counter. IT is subjected to Crowd status. Fri, Sat, Sun and festival days may not available.

How to book Suite rooms in Tirumala?

Suite rooms and luxury rooms will be allotted at Sri Padmavathi Guesthouse. These rooms can be availed using the recommendation letter or Donor Pass.


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  4. I think senior citizens Darsan is available on all days except some important days

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  7. Very very useful information.. When one plan for their trip they can see the crowd status in advance and plan other temples at tirumala and tirupathi, based on the Darshan estimated timings…I recommend TTD to continue to flow this kind of information on daily basis..

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  10. It’s very nice to hear that no recommendation letters are entertained. And senior citizens are getting priority over others. God bless the management for the initiative.

  11. How can we get suprabhatha seva

  12. We a group of 4 Sr. Citizens intending to visit on 26th November morning and leave by 27th evening.

    Please guide the process for Darshan, timings, costs under Sr. Citizens Quota, if any and accommodation availability for 26th night.

    V. P. VERMA

    • Dear Sir,
      Senior citizen darshan slot: 10:00 and 3:00 pm. Ticket counter opens at 7:00 am. It is advisable to reach counter before 6:30 am. Seating is available for the senior citizens.
      It is free darshan for senior citizens. Are you ok with tirupati stay as it will be crowded during that time

  13. Sir if we pay
    10000 for how many yrs can get vip darshan

  14. MLA recommendation is allowed with rec letters

  15. What is lucky dip online quota?

  16. Very useful information govinda Govinda

  17. Dear admin,
    Thanks for your immediate & positive guidance. Yes, we are comfortable with stay in Tirupati.
    Thanks again for your help in the matter.

  18. Dear admin,

    Thanks for your immediate & positive guidance. Yes, we are comfortable with stay in Tirupati.
    Thanks again for your help in the matter.

  19. I need know about how to Darshan swamy with 9month baby

  20. Handicapped ka darshan samay kya hai

    • Dear Madam,
      It is 10:00 and 3:00 pm free darshan slots available.
      Please be there at ticket counter near SV Museum before 6:30 am for the same day darshan