Thousand Pillar Temple

Thousand Pillar Temple is located in Hanmakonda, Warangal District. Temple was built on a square platform which was raised 1 metre above the ground. This temple consists of 1000 pillars with beautiful carvings on it. This temple was built with typical Chalukyan architecture. The presiding deity Lord Siva is called by Rudreswar. The uniqueness of this temple is that no pillar will object the view of the Lord inside the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Thousand Pillar Temple History

This temple was built during the reign of Kakatiya dynasty of Warangal in 1163 A.D. This temple was built with the pious effort from the King Rudra Deva of the Kakatiya dynasty. This temple complex has three shrines, dedicated to Lord Siva, Vishnu and Surya (Sun God). A large black basalt stone Nandi placed on an open platform in between the temple and the Nandi Pavilion. This temple was destroyed by the Muslim ruler Tuglak during his invasion of the south. The sculptural decoration around the walls of the temple is a depiction of human activities, showing fresh charms, elegance and almost metallic finish. The perforated screen pattern on the flanks of the door jambs, female figures in various dancing poses, all display the supreme workmanship accomplished by the sculptor of that age.

Thousand Pillar Temple Timings: 5:00 am – 9:00 pm

Best Time to visit: Sep-May 1st week.

How to reach Thousand Pillar Temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest International airport is at Hyderabad which is 173 km away.

By Train

  1. Hanmakonda is well connected with all parts of Southern India.
  2. Daily Trains are available from Hyderabad to Hanmakonda
  3. Temple is close to Warangal Railway station which is 5.6 km away.

By Road

  1. Hanmakonda is connected with all parts of Telangana State.

Nearby Places

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Thousand Pillar Temple Images