Thirupullani Adhi Jagannatha Temple: History, Timings, and Darshan

Thirupullani Adhi Jagannatha Temple History, Timings, Route info

Darshan Dress Code: Any decent outfit

Darshan duration: 15 to 20 minutes on weekdays, 30 to 45 minutes on weekends, and 1 to 2 hours on festival days.

Ticket cost: Free entry is available for all devotees.

Thirupullani Adhi Jagannatha Temple History

As per the Legend, King Dasaratha performed Putrakamesti Yagam and Nagaprathishta here in this Divya Desam. Vibhishana surrendered to Lord Rama at this place. Lord Rama went fast for 7 days in Sayana posture, lying on Kusha grass, seeking the ocean god’s help in setting the path to Lanka. Samudra surrendered to Lord Rama at this place. It is the same as when Lord Rama built the Sethu Bridge with the help of monkeys. This temple is one of 108 Divya Desam.

During Krithayugam, three saints named Pullavar, Kalavar, and Kanvar were ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu. Asuras constantly disturbed their tapas. Hence, Lord Vishnu came to the Earth in the form of a Banyan tree, killed the Asuras, and restored peace. Lord Vishnu showed his Viswaroobam at this place.

The Lord appears in Sayana’s posture here, resting on the grass. Thiru means Lord, Pull means grass, and Anai means Aadi Jagannatha Perumal. Goddess Sri Padmasani Thayar and Thiru were the presiding deities.

It is said that Impressed Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal, with Lord Rama’s prayers, blessed him with a Bow. This place is called Saranagathi Kshetram.

In Ayodhya Kandam, it was mentioned that Bharata’s surrender to Rama was here, urging Lord Rama to return to the Kingdom.

In Aranya Kandam, Sages are mentioned as surrendering to the Lord, seeking protection from Asuras.

In Kiskinda Kandam, it was mentioned that Sugriva surrendered to Rama, seeking protection from his brother Vali. Samudra surrenders to Lord Rama at this place.

Thirupullani Temple Timings

  • Morning Hours: 7:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Evening Hours: 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • The best time to visit is from October to June.

Vaikunta Ekadasi will be celebrated in grand style, and thousands of devotees will visit the temple. The Brahmotsavam for Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal will be held during Panguni. The second Brahmotsavam, for Lord Rama, will be performed during Chithrai.

How do you reach Thirupullani?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Madurai which is 130 Km away.

By Train

  1. The nearest railway station is at Rameswaram which is 11 Km away

By Road

  1. The temple is 10 kilometres from Rameswaram. The direct bus is available from Rameswaram with good frequency