Thila Homam Thirupullani: Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

Thila Homam Thirupullani: Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

Ravana took Sita away and held her as a prisoner in Lanka in the Ramayana. In response to hearing what Ravana had done, Sri Ramar had to move right away to free Sitapiratti from Ravana. But Vibheeshanan, Ravana’s brother who lived with him, didn’t like how low-class Ravana was and told him to give Sitapiratti back to Sri Rama or else Lanka could be in danger.

When Ravana heard Vibheeshanan’s advice, he got mad at him and told him to leave Lanka and join Sri Rama. According to Sri Ramar, Vibheeshanan left Lanka and bowed down at his feet. He then told Sri Ramar that Sita Piratti is being held prisoner in Lanka. This Sthalam is also known as “Saranagathi” Kshetram because Vibheeshanan finally fell at Sri Ramar’s feet to finish Saranagathi.

To get Sita out of Lanka, Sri Ramar stayed with Sugreev, Hanuman, Vibeeshanan, and other Vanara Senas and talked with them about how to do it. In this Pullani sthalam, he stayed for seven days and did tapas in Sayana Kolam on Dharbaipull (the grass) without eating anything. The name “Thiruppullani” comes from the fact that he did tapas on the grass and showed his Sayana kolam in the pull (grass). The word “Pul” means “grass” and “Ani” means “bed.” This sthalam is called “Pullani” because Sri Ramar showed his Sayana kolam in Pullani. For Sita’s sake, Sri Ramar prayed to the Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal and asked him to help him. As Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal was happy with Sri Ramar’s worship, he gave him the bow. This is why the Perumal is also known as “Deivasilaiyar” and “Divya Sapan.”

It can be found near Sethu Karai (the shore). It was hard for Sri Ramar to figure out how to cross the huge ocean. Vibheeshana told him that they could only do it if the water dried up. He told Sri Ramer that he could ask the Samudhara Raja to dry out and show them the way to Lanka. Based on what Vibheeshana told him, Sri Ramar asked Samudhara Rajan for help. But he doesn’t say anything to Sri Ramar. Sri Ramar worshipped Samudhara Rajan to make the way, but he didn’t respond. This made Sri Ramar angry, so he told Samudhara Rajan that if he didn’t make the way, he would dry up the ocean. When Samudhara Raja heard Sri Ramar’s threats, he was scared. He and his wife Varuni came out of the water and fell at Sri Ramar’s feet as Saranagathi. The name “Saranagathi Kshetram” comes from the fact that even though Vibheeshanan got the Saranagathi, Samudra Rajan and his wife Varuni also got it.

Then, Samudhara Rajan calmed the ocean and asked Sri Ramar to build a bridge so they could cross it to reach Lanka.

Varunan told Nalan and the other monkeys (Vanara Senai) to start building a bridge. This bridge is called “Sethu Anai” because it was built along the Sethu Karai (Shore). He finally reached Lanka by crossing this bridge. There, he fought Ravana, killed him, and got Sita Piratti out of the way.

Kanva Rishi, who was actually Maha Rishi, stayed in this sthalam and fasted for a long time to fight the Perumal. When Emperumaan was happy with Kalvar Rishi’s deeds, he gave his service and asked the Varam to always be with him and help him. The Perumal gave him more help and agreed with what he said.

A rishi named Devala Maharishi lived in the past and did a strong tapas on the perumal. After taking a bath, he started his snacks. Seven god Kanyas came down to this sthalam while he was doing the tapas and wanted to bathe in the small river. Everyone had a good time and forgot about themselves. They forgot to show proper respect to Devalar Maharishi because they were having fun, and when the Sapta deva Kanya saw this, he turned them all into Yatchars, which are normal people with less thought. It was when the seven devas Kayas felt the sabha that they realized they had done something wrong. They then asked Devalar Maharishi how they could escape the curse. They were told by Devalar Maharishi to go to Pullaranyam (Thriuppullani) and ask Pullar Maharishi for help. He would then help them get out of the area called Sabham.

When all of the seven deva Kanyas got to Thiruppullani, they all fell at the feet of Pullar Maharishi. All of them told him about the sabha they got from Devalar Maharishi, and he told them to get help from Pullar Maharishi to get rid of the evil. Pullar Maharishi told all seven Kanyas to stay in Thiruppullani and worship the Aadhi Jagannatha Perumal. He is the only one who can help them leave the prison. He looked at all seven deva kanyas when Sri Ramar reached this pullaranya kshetram. At that moment, they were all out of the sabha and back in the deva loka.

Dress Code

  • Gents: dhoti (white) and shirt or kurta and pyjama.
  • Ladies: saree or salwar kameez (with Pallu Compulsory).
  • All devotees are requested not to wear clothes such as T-shirts, jeans, etc., as they are strictly prohibited, irrespective of age group.

Thila Homam Thirupullani Procedure

  • Sankalpam
  • Punyahavachana
  • Vinayagar Puja
  • Kalasa Sthapana
  • Invocation of Surya Bhagawan
  • Gayathri Puja
  • Yamaraja Puja
  • Thila Homam
  • Purnahuthi
  • Pinda Pradhana
  • Brahmana Bhojana

Benefits of Thila Homam at Thirupullani

  • Removes Pitru dosha
  • Removes dosha related to pregnancy delay.
  • Dosha related to marriage delay will be nullified.
  • Recovers from financial problems.
  • Mental peace and family well-being.
  • Bless family and grandchildren with good health.

Auspicious days for Thila Homam at Thirupullani

MonthPuja Dates
Jan 20244 Jan, 8Jan, 13Jan, 18Jan, 21Jan, 23Jan, 25Jan, and 31Jan
Feb 20241 Feb, 4Feb, 6Feb, 15Feb, 18Feb, 22Feb, and 27Feb
Mar 20241Mar, 3Mar, 6Mar, 8Mar, 13Mar, 16Mar, 20Mar, 26Mar and 30Mar
Apr 20242Apr, 4Apr, 9Apr, 12Apr, 16Apr, 20Apr, 22Apr, 26Apr, 29Apr
May 20241 May, 7May, 10May, 14May, 17May, 19May May, 24 May, 27 May, 29 May
Jun 20243Jun, 6Jun, 10Jun, 13Jun, 16Jun, 20Jun, 23Jun, 25Jun, 30Jun
Jul 20243Jul, 7Jul, 11Jul, 14Jul, 17Jul, 20Jul, 22Jul, 28Jul, 31Jul
Aug 20243 Aug, 10Aug, 13Aug, 15Aug, 20Aug, 23Aug, 30Aug
Sep 202412 Sep, 18Sep, 21Sep, 24Sep, 28Sep, 30Sep
Oct 20243 Oct, 7Oct, 9Oct, 14Oct, 17Oct, 21Oct, 24Oct, 29Oct
Nov 20243 Nov, 7Nov, 9Nov, 14Nov, 17Nov, 21Nov, 29Nov
Dec 20241Dec, 4Dec, 6Dec, 12Dec, 18Dec, 21Dec, 26Dec and 31Dec
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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to make the puja arrangements.

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