Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple

Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple is known for it’s Rahu Ketu Pooja. This is an ancient temple which holds 3000 years of history. Lord Siva is Swayambhu Linga ( Self manifested). Performing Pooja at Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple will yield good results within 48 days. In this temple once can Rahu Ketu in a single Idol. It is said that the snake used to visit God and Goddess regularly. Interesting fact associate with this place is that snakes will not bite anyone here, snake bite will not have poison here.

Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple Legends

It is said that many Naga kings, including Adisesha ( Vishnu’s couch), Takshaka and Karkotaka worshipped Siva at this place, thus the Lord Siva here called by Thirunageswaram.

Once it happened that, when Vinayaka offering prayers to Lord Siva, Naga which lies around the neck of Lord Siva felt proud as if Vinayaka was worshiping him too, knowing this Lord Siva cursed Naga’s family to lose their Spiritual powers.

In order to regain their spiritual powers, Adisesha along with other serpents offered prayers to the Siva Idols which were at the three different places at three different timings. In the early hours, pooja was offered to the Siva Idol at Kudanthai, at noon it was at Thirunageswaram and in the evening it was at Thirupampuram. Lord Siva was pleased with their sincere prayers and blessed them all with their spiritual powers.

Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple Pooja Timings

Rahu Ketu Pooja will be performed during Rahu Kalam

1.Monday07.30 AM to 09.00 AM
2.Tuesday03.00 PM to 04.30 PM
3.Wednesday12.00 PM to 01.30 PM
4.Thursday01.30 PM to 03.00 PM
5.Friday10.30 AM to 12.00 PM
6.Saturday09.00 AM to 10.30 AM
7Sunday04.30 PM to 06.00 PM


Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple Timings

Morning Hours: 07.00 AM  12.30 PM

Evening Hours: 04.00 PM  08.00 PM

Sri Rahu-Kethu Parigara Homam Amount Rs.5500.00

Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple

Lord Siva worshipped as Pampunathar and Goddess Parvathi is depicted as Piraisoodi Amman. This temple has one main Gopuram at the front. There is a sacred tree called by Vanni Tree, where couples used to tie ropes and other materials for children. Adhisesha Theertham (Temple tank) which is at the entrance was built by Adhisesha while doing penance here.

Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple Pooja procedure

One should fix the appointment in advance by phone so that temple priests will make the arrangements in advance. Usually, Homam starts during Rahu Kalam and the whole pooja process completes in 2 hours. After reaching Temple and taking bath at the Aadi Sesha Theertham, Temple Tank located right in front of the temple, you need to leave your clothes and any other materials which you are carrying at that moment. Make sure that well before starting to the temple, you safely deposit all your belongings either in the car or at the hotel room. After 3 holy dips at Aadi Sesha Theertham, dress up in traditional wear, Dhoti for men and Saree for women.

After bath and dressing up, you need to perform 3 Pradakshinam inside the temple, after which you need to visit Homam place located within the temple complex. Where the priests will provide you with the bunch of grass with 8 different types. Every time priests say Swaha, you need to pick one from the bunch and drop it into Agni Gundam (Holy fireplace). This whole process takes 1 hour for completion, after the Homam, you will be asked to sit at a place which at 10 feet from the Homa Gundam (Holy fireplace) , where they will pour water on top of your head from Kalasas (vessels). After this process, you need to go for darshan inside the temple.

Even if you don’t fix the appointment in advance, plan to reach temple much early and inform the priests on what you are there for so that they can make the arrangement in 30 mins, if it is not peak days. Usually, weekdays are preferred for the pooja so that there will not be any delay.

The whole Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple pooja process costs around Rs.8000 and this was a year back.

Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple Pooja benefits

  1. Removes fertility problems for the couples
  2. To removes blockages for the marriage
  3. Career growth and jobless situation
  4. Removes hurdles in your planning
  5. Will be relieved from 18 years Rahu Dosham
  6. Will be relieved from 7 years Ketu Dosham

Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple Accommodation

Thirupampuram is a small village, nearest location for stay is either at  Kumbakonam which is 28 km away or at Karaikal is 31 km away.

How to reach Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple?

  1. Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple is 3 km from Karkaththi village,  located on the highway of Kumbakonam – Karaikal.
  2. Mayiladuthurai – Thiruvarur Road, one should get down at Kollumangudi village, from Kollumangudi minibuses are operating with high frequency to Karkaththi village.
  3. Kollumangudi / Peralam is at the intersection of  Road and Kumbakonam – Kaaraikalam road.
  4. From Mayiladuthurai – Thiruvarur, One should get down at Peralam, minibuses will be operating with high frequency from here
  5. The nearest Railway station is at Peralam which is at 8 km from Thirupampuram
  6. The nearest airport is at Tiruchirapalli which is at 133 Km from Thirupampuram

Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple

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Thirupampuram Rahu Ketu Temple

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  1. all Sunday Pooja is available ji and on kirthigai we can do Ragu kethu pooja please tell me

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      Yes its available in all days , and you can perform rahu kethu pooja daily .
      Thank you.